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You still have reputational risks as an investor

As an investor, you cannot assume that, because you are on the 'other side' and not in a management role at a company, you are safe from reputational risks. Your words and actions have as much influence on the credibility of the company as anyone else.


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Coverage | Euronews: Billionaires should focus on using resources for climate change not on space travel, public says

Our November research, titled 'Climate Inaction Harms Reputation', has been featured in an article by Euronews' reporter Rosie Frost. The article touches on the public's perception of ultra-wealthy individuals, like Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson, and features exclusive quotes from our Managing Director, Jordan Greenaway.

space race has reputational risks for billionaires
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Coverage: Forbes | Billionaires space race turns into a publicity disaster

Our recent research, Climate Inaction Harms Reputation, has been featured on Forbes’ website. The article covers the reputation and publicity risks in participating in the 'space race' and, considering the climate crisis, how this will be viewed by the public.

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Young people shocked by Pandora Papers, finds survey

The public would think more positively of an individual relocating the tax base of their corporate structures back to the UK, even despite knowing they were based offshore in the first place, according to a new landmark survey conducted by Transmission Private.

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Finance entrepreneurs suffer from the worst reputations amongst all industries, finds survey

Wealthy entrepreneurs who made their money from the finance and banking industries suffer from the worst reputations, according to a new landmark survey conducted by Transmission Private.

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We’re hiring: Senior Account Manager – Public Relations

Transmission Private is hiring a Senior Account Manager who will be responsible for leading on client accounts, including liaising directly with the clients; coordinating press, media, & digital strategies; and managing two Account Executives.

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Jordan Greenaway: “Investing in start-ups can radically improve reputation”

In this company interview, we sat down with Jordan Greenaway, our Managing Director, to discuss July’s research report and what the key reputation recommendations are for those investing in start-ups.

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We’re hiring: Business Development Executive

Transmission Private is looking to hire a Business Development Executive in its Central London office. The successful candidate will rapidly learn the basic skills of Business Development & Marketing in a fast-moving and entrepreneurial company.

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PR Daily | Column: 3 crucial actions to preserve execs’ personal reputations

This week, Luke Thompson, a Partner at Transmission Private, was featured on PR Daily. He discussed how communications can help senior executives and company leaders build a public persona that defends against naysayers and online trolls.

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