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Tom Rudkin: Protecting reputation in the post-pandemic world

Media coverage surrounding coronavirus has already seen an increasing focus on the immediate and long-term implications across different sections of society. As these consequences crystallise, it seems inevitable that the actions of prominent and high-net-worth organisations and individuals will be carefully scrutinised.


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  • Group of employee's

    Treating employees fairly has a big impact on your reputation

    Ultra-high-net-worth families, and those advising them, often fall into the trap of thinking that their reputation revolves around how much money they give to charity, or how many flagship interviews they give to the broadsheets. While these are important factors, many of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators are missing a huge reputational open goal – and that is employee welfare.

  • Privacy insight

    Privacy is changing – successful families must change their approach to communications

    Privacy is changing. The line between private and public for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families has always been a thin one, but social media and the 24-hour news cycle has made that line both thinner and more blurred.

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