Family Foundations

We provide communications, reputation and PR support to family foundations across the globe, helping them communicate their purpose, ensuring their digital profile is representative, and advising them on how to navigate difficult personal and business challenges.

As a family foundation, you make a huge impact on the world. Effective communication can amplify your impact, highlighting the causes, projects and charities that you support as well as showcasing the philosophy behind your giving.

No family foundation is the same. Philanthropic giving is highly personal and everyone’s aims, goal and expectations are different. We support some of the largest family foundations globally, providing multi-million-pound gifts on an annual basis, as well as smaller family trusts that are just starting to think through their giving. We work with charitable organisations with a clearly defined mission as well as those who are only now just exploring their purpose and contribution to society. Every situation requires a different solution.

We are your end-to-end PR and communications solution, whether it’s assisting with PR & media management, announcing a philanthropic gift, launching a family foundation websitecommunicating charitable impactassisting with ESG and CSR communicationssecuring strategic media coverage, assisting with succession or family disputes, responding to media inquiries, or countless other needs, we have you covered.


Determining your visibility as a foundation

We have the experience to strategically advise families on their visibility when providing philanthropic gifts. In some circumstances, it may be best to safeguard the identity and confidentiality of a gift. In other circumstances, the family may want to take more proactive steps to communicate the gift they have provided. It is important that families set a clear policy around the visibility of their philanthropic activity and ensure that it is aligned with their long-term aspirations, whether that’s promoting discussion around a particular cause or giving in relative silence.

Experience communicating your impact

We have the skills and expertise to help family foundations subtly communicate their impact through the media, online and other means, such as events, including running coordinated multi-channel communications and PR campaigns. A family will feel highly identified with the charities they support, and they may want to ensure that their track record of supporting these causes is on the public record in a dignified way. It is important that this information is communicated in a way that is appropriate, fitting and also respects the family’s privacy.

Managing a family foundation’s online presence

We have the technical capabilities to help family foundations strategically manage their online presence through launching their own websites, communicating their vision in a language that they recognise as their own. When it comes to researching successful families, the Internet is often the first port of call for partners, the public and media, so it is important that a family’s online profile is rounded and captures their full contribution. It is important for family foundations to have a developed and thought-through online presence so that information about the family’s impact can be captured in a single place online.

How can we help?

Every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you and your family.

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