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About Transmission Private

Our values

Our values ensure we constantly strive to deliver exceptional levels of service, alongside sophisticated advice, at all levels of the business. We were founded to support successful individuals and their businesses, and those founding values still drive us today.

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Our company values are at the heart of everything that we do, providing a golden thread through all the advice we deliver to clients, the work that we deliver, and the way that we engage with all our partners. Our deep-rooted values ensure that we constantly deliver a level of service that reaches the exceptional benchmark of quality that we have always set ourselves.

We have been built from the ground up to support successful individuals, families, and their businesses. We know that our clients demand sophistication, delicacy, and discretion, and we strive to deliver that at all levels of the business and points in time.

Every team member, junior or senior, endeavours to make good on our values. We do not see ourselves as transactional service providers, but as people who build deep, trusted relationships with our clients and their families.

Family focussed

We work exclusively with successful individuals, families, and their businesses. We will never take on work that does not play to our strengths.

Our firm has been designed from the ground up around the unique, demanding needs of private clients and their businesses, delivering a highly personalised and intimate service. We are highly attentive, personal, and discreet; our strategies are intelligent, thoughtful, and creative.

Evidence led

We are fiercely and unapologetically evidence-driven, and do not provide advice based only on intuition or instinct. We invest heavily in quantitative research to understand how external stakeholders perceive successful individuals and how to radically transform those perceptions.

In 2017, we launched the world’s first research department dedicated solely to understanding how people perceive wealthy individuals and families. We provide all our clients with access to our historic collection of research.

Long term

We advise in the long term. Too often communications and PR advice is aimed as solving immediate problems without thinking through the long-term implications. We always stay two or three steps ahead.

Reputations must be guarded for generations. We work alongside lawyers, wealth managers and other advisers, providing strategic advice in the long-term interests of the family and the next generation.

Digital first

We were born digital, and we take into account the importance of online at all times. Today, an individual’s reputation is built or destroyed by what is found online. 

We have created a company, team and culture that puts digital at the centre of everything that we do. We hire extensively from the world of technology, ensuring that we maintain our competitive edge in understanding the latest communications techniques and risks.

It’s time. Find out more about the power of reputation.

Every person we work with needs a bespoke solution. Your needs are paramount and we shape our services to best meet your requirements.

Effective communication will give you the reputation you need to achieve your goals as well as circumvent the risks that plague successful families. To discuss taking control of your communications, fill out our contact form or contact us directly.

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