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About Transmission Private

Our clients

We have the honour and responsibility of supporting some of the world’s most successful and demanding entrepreneurs, families, and their businesses. Our clients are at the heart of our business, and our success is built on their success. While they are all different, they are all unified by the need for unrivalled strategic insight.

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We support many of the world’s most successful individuals, families, and their businesses. As leaders in their fields facing a fast-changing world, they face some of the most complex and unique communications challenges. Our clients want to leverage both strong relationships and an even stronger reputation to overcome challenges and achieve their professional and personal goals, while safeguarding their privacy.

Our client base includes some of the world’s most pre-eminent businesspeople and wealth holders. While some are globally well-known, the vast majority are known only within their industry or regional geographies.

All our clients need the very best advice to navigate a changing world, and have come to expect a level of sophistication, creativity, and expertise that only Transmission Private can offer.

Who we support

Our client roster, which includes many members of The Sunday Times Rich List and Forbes Billionaires List, is confidential, but they are all leaders in their respective fields. Key clients include:

Our clients demand discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They demand a highly personalised approach, sensitive to their individual, personal needs.

Career junctures

While some clients may need our support on an ongoing basis, other individuals request our support at important junctures in their careers. These events include:

While some people choose to engage us after an external event, other people reach out to us after a point of reflection, having recognised the need to give proper thought to their impact, narrative, and legacy.


Although we are headquartered in the City of London, our client base is truly international, and many of the clients we support lead global lifestyles with business and philanthropic interests scattered across the world.

Our international experience means we are able to provide exceptional support for clients regardless of their residency or geographical need, with particular growth areas in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It’s time. Find out more about the power of reputation.

Every person we work with needs a bespoke solution. Your needs are paramount and we shape our services to best meet your requirements.

Effective communication will give you the reputation you need to achieve your goals as well as circumvent the risks that plague successful families. To discuss taking control of your communications, fill out our contact form or contact us directly.

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