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We provide strategic communications services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with private clients, and recognise that every strategic communications challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

Effective strategic communications are key to safeguarding your reputation and enhancing your standing with important stakeholders. Positioning yourself through media and online engagement is essential for building – and protecting – your relationships with business partners, the media, investors, employees, the government and regulators and the public.

Every successful individual has different communications needs. We support high-profile individuals who need to execute sophisticated media and online strategies to protect their personal and commercial interests, as well as lower-profile investors who need to communicate with very specific audiences, potentially out of sight. We support large multigenerational families where the communications needs for different stakeholders need to be carefully balanced, as well as single first-generation entrepreneurs who have very clear and direct needs.


Determining your personal positioning

We have decades of expertise supporting successful individuals in determining and setting their personal positioning to the outside world. It is important that an individual or family’s positioning aligns with their long-term interests, whether that is moving into different areas of business, philanthropy or in another direction altogether. This ensures that further moves in this direction look natural and organic. This may mean taking strategic steps to secure coverage or use online communications channels to proactively highlight areas of work that show a client’s credentials in a particular area.

Considering your visibility as an individual

We have the experience to advise clients on their public visibility, both online and the media. It is important for clients to understand the implications of raising their profile, even within very targeted audiences, and the implications that this may have for their long-term interests. Having come to a considered conclusion about their visibility, it is also important for entrepreneurs, families and other globally mobile individuals to put in place protections to safeguard their privacy whilst raising their visibility, so they do not expose themselves to unnecessary interest.

Finding the best route to communicate

We have the know-how to advise our clients on the best route for their communications, whether that is via the traditional media, online, events or other more private channels. Many clients want to enhance their reputations within a very defined and small audience, such as within the investor community. In many cases, it is best to find very targeted communications channels to reach this audience, without exposing the family to wider public interest. It is important to set a strategy around the communications channel that is most fitting for the individual or family.

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