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Digital Footprint Audit

Our Digital Footprint Audit team supports some of the world’s most successful individuals and their businesses. We are a global leader in advising entrepreneurs, executives, and their businesses on their online footprint and digital profile, as well as on their most sensitive and important communications needs.

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Digital profile

How do you look online? Your digital footprint and search results are increasingly seen as a proxy for your reputation, with the power to make or break your career and personal aspirations. We have worked alongside many of the world’s most successful individuals and families to audit their online footprint to make sure that their digital profile aligns with their long-term objectives, enabling them to achieve their ambitions.

Our award-winning Digital Footprint Audit team is technical, forensic, and intelligent. The team’s approach blends the latest technological tools with human-led intelligence. The team are creative, fast-moving, and strategic.

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We support clients through all stages of managing their digital footprint, including auditing their existing online presence, monitoring an individual’s profile over time, identifying key digital risks, as well as putting in place a proactive strategy to enhance your digital profile online.

Our services

Our team has decades of experience working in public relations, enabling us to understand how your digital profile impacts and affects perceptions of you amongst important people.

Our Digital Footprint Audit team supports both clients who are looking to reduce their presence digitally as well as entrepreneurs who want to ensure their digital profile supports their credibility and gravitas. 

Our key services include:

Every client will require a slightly different audit, depending on the amount of content online and their individual requirements. We personalise our service for every individual client.

Our experience

Our Digital Footprint Audit team have supported a range of clients who want to better understand how they are presented online.

In all cases, our work is carried out on a confidential and discreet basis, ensuring that we protect our clients through all stages of the process.


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Our clients

We are known for advising many of the world’s most successful individuals and their organisations, but we tailor our services to the individual needs of our clients. Recent clients include:

Our process

We have a systemic, reliable process for undertaking Digital Footprint Audits. The stages for the process involve:

  1. Search results analytics. We will use our technical tools to identify all the key search terms that people may be using to find information about you, your companies and wider family members.
  2. Search results assessment. Our experienced team then manually evaluate the content that appears for these key search terms, assessing whether the content is positive, negative, relevant, or irrelevant.
  3. Digital profile audit. We will then individually audit each of your digital profiles online, including your social media accounts, Wikipedia, and other biographies online.
  4. Media profile assessment. We will then evaluate any existing media coverage that may return itself for a search of your name online.
  5. Rich media audit. We will identify and classify any rich media that we can find about you online, including photographs and videos on platforms like YouTube and elsewhere.
  6. Headline recommendations. As part of our audit, we will present a number of headline Digital Footprint recommendations, providing you with clear actionable steps to improve your profile online.
  7. Individual recommendations. We will also provide a list of further fine-grained actions that you should undertake on individual digital profiles, such as your social media profiles or Wikipedia biography.

Based in London, operating globally

Operating from our headquarters in London, we have built a reputation globally for providing successful individuals with meticulous, creative, and thoughtful advice.

Our success as intelligent, sophisticated advisers has seen us awarded ‘Top Recommended’ Reputation Manager by Spear’s magazine for the last four years running.

Founded in 2014, we help our clients manage, protect, and enhance their reputations amongst important individuals, whether that’s business peers, investors, the local community, regulators, or others.

What unifies all our services is a shared understanding of the unique challenges and problems that successful individuals face, and the increasingly important role that reputation plays in their personal and professional lives.

Our Digital Footprint Audit provides a convenient, standalone route for clients to get a rich snapshot of their digital profile without committing to our wider, broader service offering.

The depth of our experience in the agency means that we are also able to execute reliably on any recommendations that we may provide as part of the Digital Footprint Audit process.


What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is a trail you leave behind online when browsing the internet. This includes all the websites you visit, emails sent, and other online services you’ve engaged with.

Digital footprints can either be passive or active. An active footprint is the intentional data trail that an individual leaves behind. Whereas a passive footprint is the unintentional data trail that an individual leaves behind.

How to reduce your digital footprint?

There are a number of digital strategies you can do to reduce a digital footprint. These range from omitting to fill in optional information on online forms to deactivating old social media accounts. 

The strategies deployed will all depend on the current state of an individual’s digital footprint and how secure they want their digital profile to be.

What is a positive digital footprint?

A positive digital footprint is an online profile about an individual or a company that showcases positive content about their activity, interests and background.

Having a positive, controlled digital footprint is incredibly beneficial to achieving your professional and personal goals. A positive online reputation is vital to achieving success in a digital world.

How much does a digital footprint audit cost?

The fixed price of our Digital Footprint Audit is £2,500 (ex. VAT). 

It is delivered to you as a standalone, 10-page PDF, summarising your current digital profile as well as providing actionable recommendations to improve your existing online profile.

How does online media play a role in your digital footprint?

Anytime you are mentioned in online media, your digital footprint becomes bigger. 

Whenever third parties mention you online, there is a risk that your digital profile becomes unrepresentative. It is important to manage mentions of you in online media in order to ensure your online profile aligns with your long-term aspirations.

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