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About Transmission Private

Social impact

We take our commitment to society and the world seriously. We strive to create a business that makes the world a better place, creating opportunities for the underserved, helping the most disadvantaged, and creating a company that works in harmony with the environment.

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Our commitment to creating a better world for everyone runs through our company and the work that we do. We believe that all our work should be judged by the highest moral and ethical standards, and we are committed to ensuring that we do what we can to make a positive economic impact on London, the UK, and the world, while working in harmony with the environment.

Our commitment to CSR is not simply the forgotten flip-side of our commercial activity, but runs through everything we do. We encourage our teams to think about the impact of every action they take, and ensure that they are adding meaning, purpose, and direction to their work.

Alongside living our values in our day-to-day work, we take active steps to reinforce our commitment to CSR.

Charity & pro bono

Partners and team members work together to support a range of non-profit causes. On top of our annual corporate giving, we encourage active involvement in a range of fundraising and volunteering activities.

As a company, we give to causes that: 

Our CSR committee meets on a quarterly basis to consider applications for support. If you would like to find out more information, please send an email to csr@transmission-private.com.

Staff are also encouraged to engage in a variety of pro bono activities, and each member of staff is given up to 3 volunteering days per year to dedicate to non-profit causes. Team members are encouraged to use their communications, public relations, and stakeholder engagement expertise to support small charities and non-profit organisations.


Embracing individuality is a key part of our company ethos, and we take steps to ensure team members are able to succeed and progress regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, education, upbringing, disability, race, or religion.

We believe that diverse teams make for stronger businesses because they bring new and different approaches to bear on problems. Cognitive diversity ensures that conventional ways of doing things are always challenged, and enables us to bring entirely new perspectives to client challenges.


We believe that sustainability must be a core part of any disruptive and ambitious business’s DNA.

We are committed to becoming a net carbon zero business, which constantly challenges us to not only improve our economic and social impact, but adopt the latest technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the business.

We also recognise the importance of reducing waste. We have removed disposal cups from our office, and have reduced the amount waste going to landfill by introducing new recycling initiatives.

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