Next-Generation Family Members

We provide communications, reputation and PR support to next-generational members of some of the most prominent families worldwide, helping them communicate their purpose, ensuring their digital profile is representative, and advising them on how to navigate difficult personal and business challenges.

As a next-gen family member, your reputation will be critical to your future success. Whether it’s taking over the family business or carving out a distinct professional profile for yourself, communications will be essential to your personal plan and journey.

We work with next-generational members of some of the most prominent families worldwide. Whether that’s next-gen members who work within longstanding multi-generational family businesses, or those who have taken the decision to step away from the family company. Some family members want to build professional credentials that lay a path to them taking over their family businesses whereas others want to build a profile that gives them a separate, independent identity.

We are your end-to-end PR and communications solution, whether it’s assisting with PR & media management, social media risk, online reputation management, media & reputation monitoring, securing strategic media coverage, securing a media interview, writing an executive profilesecuring NED roles, protecting your privacy, assisting with speaking opportunities, assisting with succession or family disputes, digital risk audit, responding to media inquiries, or countless other needs, we have you covered.


Managing succession and visibility

We have the experience to help next-generation members subtly handle their communications in preparation for succession. It is essential that families put in place a communications succession plan to progressively increase the prominence of NextGen family members well in advance of a succession event, so that these events look smooth, natural and organic. It is critical that the communications around the next-generation family members is carefully managed in advance of these events, ensuring that their skills, ability and credentials are properly communicated so that they are seen as adding to the business rather than the opposite.

Creating a separate identity for the next-generation

We have the skills to assist next-generation members with positioning themselves in ways that give them meaningful independent standing. Many next-generation family members do not want to join the family business as executives, although they may still serve on the Board, and instead want to build a separate, distinct career. It is important that next-generation family members set a strategy around their positioning as they try to carve out distinct and separate identities for themselves for the careers that they want to pursue, whatever that may be.

Handling digital risks

We have the technical competency to help next-generation family members take control of their digital profiles. Younger members of the family are more exposed to digital risk than any other member of their family because they will often have a larger online footprint, which may include old, out-of-date social media accounts, ill-advised posts and images online that have been long forgotten, and content that has been posted by old friends. It is important that next-generation family members know what is potentially out there about them and take proactive steps to remove embarrassing content as they start to take a progressively more visible role within their businesses.

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