Reputation Management

We provide reputation management services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with private clients, and recognise that every reputation management challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

Reputation management is critical to your success. A strong reputation provides a strong bedrock for relationships with business partners, employees, investors, suppliers and the public, whilst a negative one will harm your personal and business interests.

We support an extensive portfolio of private clients by managing, curating and building their online reputation. We support large multigenerational families who want to ensure that their online profile captures the broad spread of their work as a family, from business to philanthropy, as well as successful individuals who want to ensure that their digital reputation is accurate, up to date, and representative. We support individuals who want to build a reputation as well as those who are largely invisible but want to ensure there is a degree of accurate information available to enhance their credibility.

Managing your online reputation

We have decades of experience in overseeing, managing and steering clients’ online reputations, drawing on your extensive public relations expertise and technical know-how. The Internet is now the first port of call for people researching individuals and business partners, and it is essential that the information that they find is fair, representative and up to date. Often, the online profile of individuals can become dominated by partial information or stories that focus exclusively on their net worth. It is important for clients to set a strategy for their online profile to ensure that they advance their personal and business interests and aligns with their personal long-term goals.

Setting your narrative

We have the expertise to help clients update their personal and family positioning online, so it dovetails with their medium- and long-term personal and business ambitions. It is important for successful individuals and families to ensure that their online profile and reputation is not only accurate but up to date as well. An individual’s online profile can become quickly dated, not representing their latest business endeavours, career highlights, or transition into retirement or new fields of work. It is essential that clients looking to reposition themselves for a new phase in their career or life take carefully calculated steps when transitioning their profile so that this transition looks natural and organic to the outside world. This may mean updating messaging on existing profiles, securing strategic coverage, or leveraging other communications streams, such as online channels and social media.

Protecting you from attacks

We have the know-how and technical capability to help clients tackle unfair and biased coverage. Successful individuals often find themselves subject to imbalanced and partial reporting, victim to activist-driven media and social media campaigns, or even subject to reputational blackmail. It is important for clients to set a thought-through and carefully considered strategy to tackle these attacks, such as taking steps to ensure that accurate, representative material is easily accessible and that a client’s side of the story is always fairly represented alongside criticism. Often taking an aggressive or blunt approach can make the situation much worse, and led to a spiral of negative reputational consequences. Successful individuals and families also need to ensure that their existing online footprint, such as the social media accounts of family members, friends and colleagues, does not mistakenly expose them to reputational risk, and leave open windows for attack.

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