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Jordan Greenaway

Jordan Greenaway is Founder and Commercial Director of Transmission Private. He is responsible for the overall strategy of the company, with a focus on future growth and partnerships. He founded the company in 2014, having started his career in public relations, communications, and politics.

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Jordan Greenaway is Founder and Commercial Director of Transmission Private, responsible for its expansion into new areas of expertise, client segments, and geographies. Over recent years, he has focussed on hiring new talent into the business and driving partnerships with other advisors, peers, and stakeholders in the private wealth community. He founded the business in 2014.

Jordan oversees the overall strategy of Transmission Private across all its teams, with a particular focus on business growth. He also oversees strategy at Transmission Private's sister agency, Profile.

He also provides advisory support to clients, with a particular focus on first-generation entrepreneurs and multi-generational business families. He continues to provide Board-level strategic counsel to a number of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs on their communications, especially around market events, such as acquisitions, disposals, and IPOs.

Working alongside the Client Services team, he also becomes involved in special projects where clients are facing particularly complex and nuanced problems, especially in cases where there is an international or geopolitical angle.

Since 2020, he has taken a leadership role in the development of Transmission Private’s business, with a focus on the business’ brand strategy and positioning, as well identifying new opportunities for the firm to extend its offering to new clients as well as bring its advisory expertise to bear on new emergent problems.

He founded the company in 2014.

Areas of specialism

Career history

Jordan started his career as an Assistant to a former Shadow Minister in the British Parliament. In that role, he oversaw the Member of Parliament’s role within the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), Parliamentary Space Committee (PSC), and Conservative Technology Forum (CTF).

He was also responsible for the MP’s public profile, media relations, and policy output, including speeches, articles, and research reports.

He subsequently worked for a London-based public relations agency, specialising in supporting chief executives, entrepreneurs, and Company Directors. He rose to the position of COO within that company, and helped launch the firm’s first international presence in New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

He graduated from the University of St. Andrews with an MA in Philosophy (First-class).

Recent experience

Non-profit and volunteering

Jordan is a Board Member of FINCA International, the Washington, DC-based NGO that supports entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Operating in more than 40 countries globally, FINCA International makes market-based interventions to alleviate poverty, improve health outcomes, and mitigate climate change.

Through FINCA Impact Finance, it provides loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world to launch and scale businesses. FINCA Ventures, the impact investing arm of FINCA International, invests in portfolio companies that deliver life-enhancing products and services.

Jordan also serves on the Board of FINCA’s UK subsidiary, FINCA UK. He is also a supporter of enterprise, arts, and cultural causes.

Boards and professional memberships


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