Family Offices

We provide communications, reputation and PR support to family offices across the globe, helping them communicate their purpose, ensuring their digital profile is representative, and advising them on how to navigate difficult personal and business challenges.

As a family office, you are faced with complex and special communications challenges. You may be pulled in two directions, wanting to enhance your reputation in the investment community to generate deal flow while needing to carefully protect your privacy and those of the Family Office Principal.

The opportunities and challenges faced by family offices are unique. They require specialist expertise and subtlety of touch. We act as trusted communications advisers to some of the largest family offices. We work with large multi-family offices entrusted with billions under management as well as smaller single-family offices with focussed portfolios. Some of the family offices we work with want to build a profile to have a better chance of assessing more competitive technology investments whilst others want us to put in protections to remain under the radar.

We are your end-to-end PR and communications solution, whether it’s assisting with PR & media management, announcing a company acquisition or asset disposal, announcing a new investment, launching a Family Office website, investor engagementassisting with ESG and CSR communications, securing strategic media coverage, assisting with succession or family disputes, responding to media inquiries, or countless other needs, we have you covered.

Managing your digital presence

We have the end-to-end technical expertise to help a family office manage its digital presence, whether that means launching a new website or ensuring online coverage communicates the right message about the family office. The Internet will almost always be an external stakeholder’s first port of call when looking for information about a family office, whether its a business partner, co-investor, investee company, or member of the media. So, it is critical that a family office ensures that the information online about themselves and the Family Office Principal is accurate, up to date and representative.

Protecting confidential information and privacy

We have the experience to put in place protections to safeguard a family office’s reputation as well as the privacy of the family behind it, whether that means acting as a point of contact for the media or ensuring that confidential information is not leaked online or through social media. Over the last few years, there has been progressively more public and media interest in family offices, their activities and the people behind them, and it is important to put in place a considered communications strategy that has the full buy-in of the family − whether that is to communicate openly or take protective steps to stay private where possible.

Attracting deal flow and setting yourself apart

We have the communications skills to help family offices attract the right interest from external stakeholders, whether that is through securing strategic press opportunities or extending a family office’s networks through events. Private capital continues to take a progressively more high-profile role in global investment, meaning that access to deals has become more competitive and, in some cases, investee companies have their pick of investors. In this competitive environment is it critical for family offices to have strong, compelling and attractive brands − and for the people behind them to have the social and professional networks they need to make a success of their dealmaking.

How can we help?

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