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Philanthropy & CSR

We provide strategic communications advice on philanthropic & CSR activity to some of the world’s most successful individuals and businesses. We are a global leader in advising entrepreneurs, executives, high-net-worth individuals, and their businesses on how to effectively communicate their CSR activity.

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How do you communicate your impact effectively and harness your CSR credentials to reinforce your reputation? Successful individuals and businesses leverage their genuine commitment to charity and CSR to enhance their reputations, cement and build relationships, and, ultimately, create goodwill with stakeholders. We have partnered with some of the world’s most successful businesses and philanthropists to give subtle, selective visibility to their social impact.

Our Philanthropy & CSR team is thoughtful, strategic, and discreet. We have decades of experience helping individuals and businesses communicate their economic impact in subtle and careful ways, focussing on the good work of the causes while attuned to the risks of overexposure. The team are empathetic, sensitive, and creative storytellers.

To speak with one of our London communications advisers call us on +44 (0) 208 0641 829. Alternatively, contact us online.

We support clients with the full philanthropy & CSR timeline, including developing a philanthropy strategy, capturing the core message of your giving, and securing selective external coverage.


Our services

Our Philanthropy & CSR team acts for individuals and businesses with existing philanthropic initiatives, as well as those who are only now taking their first steps. 

Our key services include:

Every client requires a personalised work programme, and our experienced team will devise a plan that meets your specific needs.

Our experience

Our team has supported a wide variety of clients who want to give careful visibility to their philanthropic work. Our recent highlights include:

In all cases our work is carried out on a confidential and discreet basis, protecting our client and their interests at all times.

Our clients

Our services are carefully tailored to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recent clients include:

Our clients demand discretion, confidentiality, and trust. They demand a highly personalised approach, sensitive to their individual, personal needs.


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Our company

Transmission Private is an award-winning strategic communications adviser to successful individuals, families, and their businesses.

Once you become a client of Transmission Private, your reputation becomes the central and sole focus of all our energy, passion, and thinking. Our expert team is mobilised to advance your best interests at all times. 

We see the world through your eyes, advising you discreetly on the careful steps that you need to take to achieve your highly personal, highly private professional and non-professional ambitions and aspirations.

We are a team of specialist communications experts at your disposal. A single point of contact for all your communications needs, we are your competitive advantage to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Over the years, we have broadened the range of services beyond media liaison and conventional public relations to include reputation management, as well as advisory around succession, philanthropy, and ESG. We have also expanded our team to service new clients, including family foundations, CSR arms of businesses, and family offices.

It’s time. Find out more about the power of reputation.

Every person we work with needs a bespoke solution. Your needs are paramount and we shape our services to best meet your requirements.

Effective communication will give you the reputation you need to achieve your goals as well as circumvent the risks that plague successful families. To discuss taking control of your communications, fill out our contact form or contact us directly.

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