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About Transmission Private

Our history

Founded in the heart of London’s legal district, Transmission Private has now spent nearly a decade providing leading strategic communications advice to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. While our reach and competency have expanded, our deep-rooted commitment to clients remains as strong as ever.

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Transmission Private was founded in 2014 as a strategic communications advisor to successful individuals, families, and their businesses. Recognising the need for entrepreneurs, senior executives, and other high-net-worth individuals to take on sophisticated advice to manage their reputation, Transmission Private has since grown to become one of the largest global providers of PR services and strategic advice to wealthy people.

Since our initial founding, we have gone on to expand our team to look after new client segments, from family offices to family business, as well as new geographies. 

While we continue to expand and transform to stay up to date with the latest communications techniques, our commitment to client service and exceptional advice stays the same.


We were founded on a mission to provide the same level of sophisticated, high-quality advice in the communications and reputation space that successful individuals received from their lawyers, wealth managers, and accountants.

Communications and PR had become so fixated on promotion and publicity that the industry had forgotten to properly sit down and listen carefully to the problems their private clients faced, which are often complex, nuanced, and sensitive.

Initially operating from Bedford Row in the heart of London’s district, we moved our headquarters to the City of London in 2018 to provide further space for growth and deepen our relationships with the financial community.

Since 2018, we have been awarded ‘best in breed’ for family reputation four years running by Spear’s magazine.

Research competency

Recognising the lack of substantive research into the reputations of successful people, in 2017, we launched the world’s first research department dedicated solely to understanding how people perceive wealthy individuals and families.

In 2019, we launched the first UHNWI Public Barometer, providing the very first regular assessment of how the public perceive the wealthy community, and how that changes over time in response to geopolitical, business, and economic trends.

In 2020, Transmission Private launched its new monthly research notes, based on monthly surveys across the world into key trending communications trends and how they might impact the private wealth community. Recent research reports have studied online profile, ESG, and succession.

Growth and reach

Since our founding, we have grown substantially, both in terms of the services that we provide and our geographical reach. Over that time, we have launched dedicated teams for family offices, family businesses, next-generation family members, family foundations, and much else besides.

That growth has been driven by our focus on hiring from outside of the conventional public relations and communications industry, bringing in talent with experience across private client law, accountancy, public affairs, and family business advisory. This depth of experience enables us to deliver sophisticated yet commercially pragmatic advice.

While still headquartered in London, we now provide our advice to successful individual, families, and their businesses worldwide, with particular growth areas in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It’s time. Find out more about the power of reputation.

Every person we work with needs a bespoke solution. Your needs are paramount and we shape our services to best meet your requirements.

Effective communication will give you the reputation you need to achieve your goals as well as circumvent the risks that plague successful families. To discuss taking control of your communications, fill out our contact form or contact us directly.

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