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Paid PR Internships in London

PR internship scheme

Our paid PR internship programme in London offers a select number of interns the opportunity to kickstart their career in the public relations, communications, and reputation management industry. We accept applications throughout the year, and the internship will give you the chance to build your skills across all aspects of PR.

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Want to secure a paid PR internship in London? Transmission Private runs a paid PR internship programme for people who are just starting their careers. As part of the scheme, you will have the opportunity build your skills across all aspects of PR, communications, and reputation management.

As a boutique PR agency based in London, Transmission Private takes on a select number of PR interns throughout the year. Our PR internship programme is very flexible, with some interns joining us on a full-time basis over a period of 6 months while others might only join us for a few months over summer.

We accept applications throughout the year. We are also able to provide interns with an opportunity to not only join the PR team – but support on marketing, social media, and business development projects for the agency itself.

If you would like to apply for a PR agency internship, please send your CV (resume) and a short covering letter (maximum 500 words) to recruitment@transmission-private.com

We are a London Living Wage employer, and we are committed to raising standards across the industry.

How we will reward you

Responsibilities of a PR intern

What we are looking for

Additional questions

How do I apply?

Please send you CV (resume) and a short covering letter (maximum 500 words) to recruitment@transmission-private.com. In your covering letter, take the time to explain how you would benefit from the PR internship and why you are a good fit for the role.

What do you want to see in my PR internship cover letter?

Please show us that you understand how Transmission Private is different from other PR and marketing agencies in London. In particular, demonstrate that you understand not only the types of clients that we support, but how their needs and priorities might differ from clients at other PR agencies. Otherwise, show us that you’re keen to start your career with enthusiasm and energy, and share an extended writing sample that shows how you have previously written for a public audience.

What are the hours of a PR intern?

Our standard office hours are 9am until 6pm, although we offer flexibility to interns who are balancing an internship with an ongoing course.

Is the role based in an office?

Yes. Our PR internships are office based. As a business, we believe that it’s much more difficult for people who are new to the industry to pick-up skills without having direct contact with others who are more experienced. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions quickly, see the mechanics of PR directly, and get quick and immediate feedback.


When do you accept applications?

We accept applications throughout the year. There is no deadline for applications, and we try to get back to all applications within a month.

What does a PR intern do?

No day is likely to be the same as client projects and priorities will change from week to week.

The core responsibilities of a PR intern include media monitoring, updating databases, writing content, updating social media, distribution press release, helping to organise and coordinate events, conducting research, and supporting the team with administrative assistance.

What does a PR intern get paid?

Transmission Private is a London Living Wage employer. The London Living Wage is higher than the minimum wage, and it is calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission.

The higher London Living Wage represents the higher costs of living and working in London compared to some other parts of the country.

How do I get a PR internship?

PR internships are highly competitive, and there is no simple way to secure an internship. We would encourage all people looking to secure a PR internship to conduct research into the companies where they are applying, and showcase an understanding of the type of work that specific agency undertakes.

It also helps significantly to have some demonstrable interest in the media and public relations, whether it's experience writing for a university newspaper, blog, or otherwise. You should also demonstrate an understanding of the media landscape not only in the UK but internationally as well.

What kind of PR internship would suit me?

There are lots of different types of PR, and you need to make sure that you are applying for an internship that fits your career aspirations.

  • Consumer (B2C) PR focusses on promoting products amongst the public in the mainstream mass media.
  • B2B PR focusses on promoting companies and products to other businesses, generally in the trade and business press.
  • Corporate and financial PR focusses, principally, on elevating the reputation of a company amongst businesses and investors.
  • Finally, publicists specialise in managing the profiles of celebrities.

How should I prepare for a PR internship interview?

Take the time to read through the Transmission Private website carefully, and take the time to read through our recent research. Show that you are willing to invest the time to learn about us. We are not expecting you to understand public relations fully, so do not worry too much about demonstrating your technical understanding of PR.

When you answer interview questions, try to find opportunities to highlight the following skills: bias towards getting things done; strong writing skills; a basic understanding of reputation; creativity and capacity to think differently; proactivity; and working well within a team.

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