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We provide communications, reputation and PR support to private investors and activist shareholders across the globe, helping them communicate their purpose, ensuring their digital profile is representative, and advising them on how to navigate difficult personal and business challenges.

As a private investor, you know effective communications will be critical to your success. A strong reputation gives you an edge in dealmaking, enabling you to advance your interests, take advantage of new opportunities, and build relationships with companies, co-investors and other stakeholders.

The objectives of every private investor and shareholder will be different. We work with well-known investors who build large stakes in publicly-listed companies as a precursor to running high-profile activist campaigns. We also work with successful individuals who maintain an extensive portfolio of holdings in private companies. Some investors want to wage high-profile campaigns to secure changes in the management of their investments whilst others want to attract more deal flow but, otherwise, remain low-profile and private.

We are your end-to-end PR and communications solution, whether it’s assisting with PR & media management, online reputation management, media & reputation monitoring, securing strategic media coverage, securing a media interview, writing an executive profile; announcing a business acquisition, asset disposal, or investmentprotecting your privacycrisis communications, stakeholder mapping, responding to media inquiries, or countless other needs, we have you covered.


Experience with hostile activist investment campaigns

We have the experience to lead successful activist investment campaigns on behalf of private investors and shareholders, urging radical changes within the management and strategy of companies. We are able to take a combative and aggressive approach. It is essential that an activist investor puts in place a coherent communications plan to make their case to other investors, whether that is showcasing underperformance of current management or justifying a new market strategy. These campaigns must be credible, direct, well-executed and appropriately timed. During these campaigns, it is also critical that investors put in place precautions to safeguard their own reputations if there is a risk of opponents trying to undermine their campaign with personal attacks.

Enhancing reputation to generate deal flow

We have the skills and expertise to help investors subtly and strategically enhance their reputations and networks to attract deal flow. It is important for private investors to give strategic visibility to their investment activity online and within appropriate publications, highlighting their track record and skills, to attract more investment opportunities as well as give themselves an edge as an investor in highly competitive investment rounds. This has become increasingly important for tech investors, where competition to access investment rounds has become fierce. This may also include putting in place an events strategy to build new relationships with company founders, co-investors and financial institutions.

Protecting personal and family privacy

We have the knowledge and technical skills to put in place protections to safeguard the privacy of high-profile investors. Over the last few years, the media, public and others have become increasingly interested in the investors behind both private and public companies, which can expose successful individuals to unwanted and intrusive media coverage or attacks on social media. It is critical that investors put in place protections to know what is being said about them, so steps can be undertaken to mitigate risks and close down reputational risks as early as possible.

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