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PR, Media, and Reputation Management

Private Investors & Shareholders

We provide public relations, communications, and reputation management services to some of the world’s most successful private investors. We are a global leader at advising investors around their most sensitive and important communications challenges.

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How can you access the best deals? Investors with the relationships and reputation to attract the most lucrative opportunities will succeed, as well as command the most attention in the boardroom. We have worked alongside some of the world’s most well-known investors, coordinating activist campaigns while protecting their reputations.

Our Investor & Shareholder team is commercially aware, creative, and quick to act. The team’s deep experience means it is able to provide clients with a competitive edge in striking new deals, accessing the very best deal flow, and driving partnerships with peers, co-investors, and other financial institutions.

To speak with one of our London communications advisers call us on +44 (0) 208 0641 829. Alternatively, contact us online.

The team works with investors across the full investment lifecycle, supporting individuals with origination campaigns, relationship building, shareholder disputes and campaigns, and announcing exits. Our support covers the full spread of media liaison, online profile, and stakeholder management.


Our services

Our Investor & Shareholder team acts for activist investors, angel investors, venture capitalists, and passive investors. Our key services include:

The challenges and opportunities that face investors are unique. Every situation requires a bespoke solution, approach, and plan of action.

Our experience

Our Investor & Shareholder team has supported investors across types and sizes of companies, including large takeovers and seed-round investments. Our recent highlights include:

In all cases our sensitive work is carried out on a confidential basis, protecting our client and their interests at all times.

Professional contacts

Our Investor & Shareholder team is well-networked amongst other leading professional advisers, working alongside commercial lawyers, structuring experts, deal origination experts, and financial advisers.

We often provide our clients with a conduit to this wider advisory network, ensuring that they are supported by trusted and professional advisers that will advance their interests at all times.

Generating deal flow

Generating high-quality, relevant deals is one of the most difficult challenges a private investor can face. While finding investment deals might be easy, finding high-quality opportunities can be very difficult. That’s why we created a dedicated hub, containing all the information that you need to know to generate high-quality deal flow. Visit the Deal Flow Information Hub →

It’s time. Find out more about the power of reputation.

Every person we work with needs a bespoke solution. Your needs are paramount and we shape our services to best meet your requirements.

Effective communication will give you the reputation you need to achieve your goals as well as circumvent the risks that plague successful families. To discuss taking control of your communications, fill out our contact form or contact us directly.

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