Landowners & Landed Estates

We provide communications, reputation and PR support to many of the UK's most prominent landowners, helping them communicate their purpose, ensuring their digital profile is representative, and advising them on how to navigate difficult personal and business challenges.

As the owner of a landed estate, you recognise the need for effective communication. You may have strong links to your local community that need to be safeguarded or may be struggling with the subtle balance between promoting your property whilst protecting your family’s privacy.

The opportunities and challenges that face our clients with landed estates are never the same. They all need a careful and bespoke solution, attuned to their individual needs. We support families with some of the most prestigious landed estates, which are open to the public around the year. And we work with multigenerational families with extensive private land, including moors, lakes and forests.

We are your end-to-end PR and communications solution, whether it’s assisting with PR & media managementonline reputation management, protecting your privacy, strategic communications, crisis communications, events management, assisting with succession or family disputes, stakeholder mapping, responding to media inquiries, or countless other needs, we have you covered.


Experienced at enhancing family brands

Our expertise and experience mean we are able to support families with creating family brands from scratch as well as enhancing them where they exist already. A powerful family brand can reinforce a family’s standing in the local community and can help families differentiate their estates from other properties, where there is a need to commercialise the asset.

Protecting a family’s privacy

We are experienced at protecting the privacy of the families that we support. Often there is a natural media and public interest in the owners of large properties and estates in the UK. The emergence of online makes it more likely that a landowner can find their properties and themselves written about online. We are able to help families put in protections, limit public interest and manage it in the most intelligent way where it exists.

Advising around succession

We have the technical expertise to support families with succession events. Succession events can be extremely stressful and upsetting times, especially where they are sudden and unexpected. It is important for families to have a plan in place to communicate effectively during a succession event to protect the value of any assets that they own, including estates.

How can we help?

Every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you and your family.

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