Crisis Communications

We provide crisis communications services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, private businesses, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with successful individuals and businesses, and recognise that every crisis communications challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

Effective crisis communications is essential for protecting your reputation when the worst happens. A timely and direct response to an emerging crisis situation is key to safeguarding important business relationships with partners, colleagues, investors, suppliers, the media, government and the public.

No crisis is the same, and every client will require a different solution. We support large private businesses and family offices who are exposed to crises indirectly through their investments in other companies as well as family businesses confronted with crisis situations in their own organisations. We support high-net-worth individuals, senior executives, and entrepreneurs who find themselves subject to coordinated, potentially politicised campaigns, as well as those who are simply worried about the potential of a crisis coming to pass in the future, even if it hasn’t already.

Identifying your line of defence

We have the experience to advise clients on the best way to respond to a crisis, game plan the various different options and intelligently suggest an approach that mitigates the harm as much as possible. It is essential for an entrepreneur, large business, family office or family business to put to paper a clear and credible response to a crisis that articulates their side of the story. It is insufficient to watch and wait, hoping that a crisis will pass on its own accord, or that fudging the issue will make it go away. It is essential to put to paper a defensible line that protects the family and business’s interests as best as possible.

Coordinating your press contact

We have the skills and relationships to manage all press engagement throughout the period of a crisis, ensuring that a family and business’s side of the story is always heard and that damaging coverage is mitigated as best as possible. It is essential during the course of a crisis for the press to have someone on call to contact throughout the day, providing up to date, accurate and factual accounts of the situation as it develops. This ensures that speculation does not gather in a void and that a client has as much control over the narrative as they possibly can.

Preparing you for a potential crisis ahead of time

We have the expertise to help clients prepare for a potential crisis, known or unknown, before it hits. Many successful individuals and businesses have come to recognise that the best way to manage a crisis is to prepare in advance, meaning that if the worst does happen, the situation can be resolved rapidly with a calm, considered response. It is essential that clients prepare crisis plans, listing all the potential reputational crises that could hit them and their businesses, as well as agreed defensive lines in response. Without preparation, avoidable mistakes are often made which not only worsens the eventual outcome but exposes those involved to higher levels of stress and anxiety.

How can we help?

Whether you’re a family business, senior executive, or high-net-worth individual, every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you and your family.

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