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The Hut Group: Managing reputation amongst investors

It is an accepted view amongst founders that the strength of their company does not go hand-in-hand with their individual reputation. But, the media frenzy around the share conditions of THG show this isn’t always the case.


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Stakeholder management

Reputation enables firms to win the war for talent, finds survey

Top firms are losing out on the best talent by not taking the personal reputations of their CEO and executive team seriously, finds a new survey.

HNWI engage with government by reputation management specialists transmission private

Stuart Thomson: After Covid, engagement with government will be key for HNWIs

The recent coronavirus epidemic has dramatically changed the face of politics in the UK and around the world. The impact will be felt across society, including amongst successful individuals, entrepreneurs and UHNWIs. We sat down to speak with Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans, to speak about how this might change the policy outlook.

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Sofia Syed: Families rarely consider the risks posed by their private staff

A valuable private staff member will often know the family members better than the families know each other. Prevention is cheaper than cure in the world of litigation and reputation, says Sofia Syed of Keystone Law in an interview.

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Family businesses

Treating employees fairly has a big impact on your reputation

Ultra-high-net-worth families, and those advising them, often fall into the trap of thinking that their reputation revolves around how much money they give to charity, or how many flagship interviews they give to the broadsheets. While these are important factors, many of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators are missing a huge reputational open goal – and that is employee welfare.

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