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Stéphane Monier: What COP26 means for private wealth

In November’s edition of The Lede, Lombard Odier Private Bank’s Chief Investment Officer, Stéphane Monier, gave his verdict on COP26 and what it means for private wealth.


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Northern economy
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Levelling up is opportunity to shift narrative on wealth

The CBI's warning to government that neglect of regions outside of London has caused a "branch line" economy may lead to questions about where responsibility lies in levelling up. The private sector has the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the north, but must go about it remaining conscious of the current anti-wealth sentiment.

Elon Musk Twitter Poll
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Elon Musk shows power of controlled platforms

Musk's Twitter poll has raised eyebrows in the finance world, yet it is a lesson in stakeholder communication. He has a strategic advantage over his peers, competitors, and others. He communicates on his own terms.

COP26 and what it means for business
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COP26: Fiddling around the edges will not safeguard reputations

The market is only going in one direction. Businesses must not only no longer create harm to the environment, but taking proactive steps to becoming carbon neutral. If not, they risk being left behind.

Public more tolerant of wealth when its an individual, rather than the super-rich as a group.
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Building a narrative around your wealth strengthens reputation

New research shows a majority of people favour tax increases for the super-rich as a group but believe that certain wealthy individuals deserve to keep their hard-earned fortune.

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The Hut Group: Managing reputation amongst investors

It is an accepted view amongst founders that as long as their company is strong, they don't need to think about corporate governance. But, the media frenzy around The Hut Group shows this isn't always the case.

Figure of a man surrounded by coin stacks
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Pandora Papers: Reputation damage will stick to all wealthy individuals

The Pandora Papers leak does not only do unique damage to those individuals who use offshore structures, but casts a wider and deeper reputational shadow over all wealthy individuals.

Pandora Papers illustration
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Pandora Papers: Assume financial privacy no longer exists and prepare

It's no longer possible or responsible for individuals to assume that their financial data will always be private. It is important that they make a conscious choice about how to manage the potential reputational risk and that they take steps to prepare accordingly.

Newspaper story about the Financial Crash
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Younger people are starting to forget the Financial Crisis

Our recent research note revealed that entrepreneurs who worked in financial services suffered the biggest uphill battle when it came to managing their reputations. But, perhaps more interestingly, this result did not hold consistently across all age groups.


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