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60-second interview: Isaac Goldring – 2022 Intern

This month, we spoke to one of our incoming summer interns, Isaac Goldring, about his interest in PR, what he is looking forward to learning as part of the internship, and what stories he has been following in the newspapers.


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big business leader speaking to team
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Strong leadership helps companies weather the storms

We took a look at three companies from across the world who are prime examples of businesses that manage change well. And they all have one thing in common: strong and credible leadership.

man scrolling Facebook on his mobile phone
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The fall of Facebook: how scandal made the platform ‘uncool’ and kept talent away

A series of unaddressed reputational mis-haps by the company – who have been criticised for holding important data about vaccine misinformation and research over the damaging effects of social media from policy makers – have deemed Meta 'uncool'.

city environmental pledges
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Aviva shows consequences of failing to act on ESG

Major UK investment fund Aviva Investors has said it will vote against the election of directors at companies which fail to make good on environmental pledges.

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You still have reputational risks as an investor

As an investor, you cannot assume that, because you are on the 'other side' and not in a management role at a company, you are safe from reputational risks. Your words and actions have as much influence on the credibility of the company as anyone else.

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Privacy risks in the age of social media

The conventional conception that the youngest family members pose the most risk to the family’s collective privacy and reputation must be debunked. It’s the parents we need to be watching out for.

cocoa farming
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Tony's Chocolonely: Address crises swiftly to maintain reputation

The Dutch chocolate-maker's intentions were impactful but poorly executed. Luckily for them, their quick and substantiated apology shows them to be a reputable company that the public will not abandon.

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Inditex shows importance of next-generation engagement

The case of the Ortega family exhibits why you should regularly communicate with shareholders – take time to allow them to familiarise themselves with your next-generation leaders.

Northern economy
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Levelling up is opportunity to shift narrative on wealth

The CBI's warning to government that neglect of regions outside of London has caused a "branch line" economy may lead to questions about where responsibility lies in levelling up. The private sector has the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the north, but must go about it remaining conscious of the current anti-wealth sentiment.

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