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Acts of Leadership: Anne Boden, Starling Bank

In this episode of Acts of Leadership, Jordan Greenaway and Sam Patchett sit down to discuss the founder of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, and her bold decision to step down as CEO. The neobank reached an impressive milestone of three million customers in 2022. Will this decision help Starling build consumer trust, and what will the impact be on the rest of the sector?


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60-second interview: Rhys Marks – Media Executive

We sat down with our Media Executive, Rhys Marks, to discuss pitching to top-tier publications and what the role entails day to day. Rhys joined us earlier this summer after studying for a master’s in Media and PR.

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60-second interview: Isaac Goldring – 2022 Intern

This month, we interviewed Isaac Goldring, who will be joining Transmission Private as part of our Summer Internship Scheme.

Liz Palmer, Howard Kennedy

Liz Palmer: Listen to what family members are saying, but observe what they don’t

In the April edition of The Lede, Liz Palmer, Partner at Howard Kennedy, talks about about succession, legacy and the importance of listening.


Hannah Harris: Change can come with an emotional cost

In March’s issue of The Lede, we spoke to PwC’s UK Family Business Leader Hannah Harris about the challenge and imperative of reinvention.

Jonathan Gage, Keystone Family Advisers

Jonathan Gage: Everyone’s going to pay for Ukraine

In March’s edition of The Lede, we spoke to Keystone Family Advisers founder Jonathan Gage about Ukraine, stagflation and the art of nudging.

The importance of doing due diligence in light of the Pandora Papers.

Adam Craggs: Pressure for greater transparency won’t dissipate

In October’s edition of The Lede, we spoke to Adam Craggs, Partner at RPC, about how unfashionable industries attract greater scrutiny, and the importance of doing due diligence in light of the release of the Pandora Papers.

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Alex McCready: Reputation is a vital consideration for anyone buying or selling a business

In June’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with Alex McCready, Head of Reputation & Privacy at Vardags, to discuss why reputation is an important consideration when selling a business.

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George Mitchell: Building an enduring legacy following the sale of a business

In June’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with George Mitchell, Partner at Forsters LLP, to talk about the challenges business owners may face when selling their business and how they can overcome them.

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