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The Hut Group: Managing reputation amongst investors

It is an accepted view amongst founders that the strength of their company does not go hand-in-hand with their individual reputation. But, the media frenzy around the share conditions of THG show this isn’t always the case.


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Alex McCready: Reputation is a vital consideration for anyone buying or selling a business

In June’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with Alex McCready, Head of Reputation & Privacy at Vardags, to discuss why reputation is an important consideration when selling a business.

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George Mitchell: Building an enduring legacy following the sale of a business

In June’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with George Mitchell, Partner at Forsters LLP, to talk about the challenges business owners may face when selling their business and how they can overcome them.

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The power of reputation management

Our Managing Director, Jordan Greenaway, writes for LGT Vestra LLP. In this article, he discusses the steps families can take to control their own reputation and ensure it aligns with their long-term aspirations.

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David Stead: Transparency is key when considering how to structure a family’s charitable activity

In May’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with David Stead, Senior Private Banker at Weatherbys Private Bank, to talk about the ways in which traditional philanthropy has evolved and modernised.

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Tom Hall: It’s possible to financially incentivise social impact

In May’s edition of The Lede, we sat down with Tom Hall, Head of UBS’s Global Philanthropy Services, to talk about how to maximise the impact of philanthropic giving.


Diane Seymour-Williams: Landowners need to embrace change to preserve estates for future generations

In the latest edition of The Lede, we sat down with Diane Seymour-Williams, founding partner of Acorn Capital Advisers, to talk about why landed estates need to diversify their business interests in order to preserve wealth for future generations.

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Natasha Hassall: A good reputation can attract investment, tenants and support for larger environmental projects

In April's edition of The Lede, we sat down with Natasha Hassall, a Partner at Boodle Hatfield, to talk about the challenges and opportunities landowners face when commercialising their landed estate.

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Vikash Gupta: Next-gens are keen to create impact from their investments

In our latest newsletter, The Lede, we sat down with Vikash Gupta, Co-Founder and Managing Director of VAR Capital, to talk about the ways in which next-gens are taking on the responsibility of managing their family’s investment activities.

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