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60-second interview: Isaac Goldring – 2022 Intern

This month, we spoke to one of our incoming summer interns, Isaac Goldring, about his interest in PR, what he is looking forward to learning as part of the internship, and what stories he has been following in the newspapers.

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This month, we interviewed Isaac Goldring, who will be joining Transmission Private as part of our Summer Internship Scheme. Isaac is currently a student at Durham University studying Classics. He will join the team in our London office for three months over summer to learn the core skills of PR and communications – as well as build experience creating engaging content, engaging with the media, and running PR campaigns.

Hi Isaac, thank you for joining us. Can you tell us a little more about yourself, and your studies?

Isaac Goldring: I am currently a student at Durham University in my penultimate year studying Classics. I graduate in the summer of next year!

When did you first get interested in PR?

Isaac Goldring: I think I have always been interested in PR – or, at least, I have been at a smaller scale. Even in casual social situations, the manner or image that people convey is very important and, understandably, managing their perceptions is a priority for many people. Public relations influences behaviour and this is increasingly the case in our self-conscious, highly digital society.

In more recent years, I think the emergence of ‘cancel culture’ has spurred my interest in PR even more: reputations and identities can be ruined for the most minor mistakes or oversights. In a world of seemingly constant online surveillance and instant criticism, PR can play a huge role in protecting the reputations of people and businesses that attract a lot of public attention and interest.

What area of PR are you most interested in?

Isaac Goldring: I love interacting with people and hearing about their lives, so I am interested in all types of PR that focus on the individual. But if I were to pick a specific area, I would say that I am very interested in online PR (social media communications) and crisis management.

I believe these two areas work in tandem partly because, as our society has become increasingly digital, it has given members of the public the ability to react to – and, potentially, criticise – a company or individual’s actions instantly in a very public way.

What do you want to learn about most on the internship?

Isaac Goldring: I am very keen to learn the details and subtleties of PR on the internship. I also am very excited to gain an insight into the processes behind effective reputation and crisis management – as well as simply understand what is required to navigate the unique issues that clients might bring to the agency. I also hope to learn how to successfully manage clients and their crises in a way that builds long-term relationships.

What story have you been reading about in the newspapers recently?

Isaac Goldring: The main story I have been following is Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard. Although the trial is only three weeks in – and only Mr. Depp has spoken so far – the trial displays not only the vulnerability of high-profile celebrity individuals to reputational harm, but also the strength of the court of public opinion. News on the trial is ubiquitous, with each side having significant public backing. PR is at the forefront of the news.

Why did you apply to the scheme at Transmission Private?

Isaac Goldring: Transmission Private stood out as an agency that specialises in areas of PR and reputation management that are less understood. From research of the industry, it appeared that much of strategic communications focused on business-to-business and business-to-individual advice, but that the impact of crises on successful individuals was not widely appreciated. Transmission Private recognises this.

I also enjoy listening to their podcast TP Bites, which offers an insight into the work of public relations and how to navigate through crisis and reputation management. It gives me a taste of the work I want to do in the future following university!

Outside of your studies, what do you do for fun?

Isaac Goldring: When I am not studying, I play football as Vice-Captain (and as an attacking midfielder!) for one of my college’s teams and, currently, I am helping to organise the Charity Fashion Show for my college – I am on the executive team as the Creative Stylist. I also love cooking – finding recipes and changing them to suit what I have in the cupboard!

About our Internship Scheme

Transmission Private runs a paid PR internship programme for people who are just starting their careers. As part of the scheme, you will have the opportunity build your skills across all aspects of PR, communications, and reputation management. We are a London Living Wage employer, and we are committed to raising standards across the industry. You can read more about our Internship Scheme online.

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