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The Hut Group: Managing reputation amongst investors

It is an accepted view amongst founders that the strength of their company does not go hand-in-hand with their individual reputation. But, the media frenzy around the share conditions of THG show this isn’t always the case.


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TP Bites: Next-gens – enhancing credibility

In this podcast, Jordan Greenaway and Luke Thompson discuss the key challenges next-generation family members face and why it is important for them to establish their own independent professional reputations.

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Family businesses

Deconstructing the “shirtsleeves myth”

In order to preserve and enhance a legacy, successful families must be armed with a communications strategy that gives visibility to the next generation’s position and involvement in the family business.

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Family businesses

The Lede: The trust gap

More than 50 percent of ‘wealth-originators’ do not trust the next generation to look after the family’s business, wealth, and investments. In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, we looked at how families can overcome intergenerational animosity when planning succession.

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Family businesses

Succession planning PR: Safeguarding your reputation during a transition event

Effective PR, communications, and media strategies are essential to a smooth succession event in a family business. While financing planning and tax strategies are almost always carefully thought through, public relations and reputation capital is often forgotten or sometimes ignored.

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Family businesses

The Lede: Succession boom

Over recent months, families have had more time to think about succession. In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, we looked at why it's essential for families to focus on the communications side of succession planning.

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Simon Rylatt: Wealthy families are ‘judged’ more than ever before

The holders of significant private wealth are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their moral compass, writes Simon Rylatt, a partner at Boodle Hatfield.

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Lucy Birtwistle: Succession planning demands communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in managing a successful succession event. We sat down with Lucy Birtwistle, Relationship Manager in Stonehage Fleming's Family Office team, to speak about the challenges families face when thinking about transitions wealth, and business to the next-generation.

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Family businesses

The Lede: Family firms’ outsized contribution

Family businesses contribute far too much for them to stay quiet. As anti-wealth sentiment continues to rise, the stakes have never been so high to rebalance the narrative.


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