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Families passionate about ESG need to be more proactive in communicating their investments

When it comes to ESG investing, families have often been first out of the gate yet finish stone-cold last when it comes to communicating their vital work in this space to the outside world.


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  • Lighthouse

    What do the public think of wealthy families?

    Read the surprising results of the first comprehensive quarterly survey into what shapes public opinion on super-wealthy families, undertaken by Transmission Private, and get practical guidance to shape opinions in a positive way.

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  • Family's together

    Giving to charity is the easiest way to damage your reputation

    Successful families and entrepreneurs want to give back.

  • Press pack cameras

    Why the Sussexes’ lawsuit is a ‘high risk’ media strategy

    Like many, we read Prince Harry’s 570-word statement earlier this week with astonishment and amazement, shocked not only at the decision to sue The Mail on Sunday over this particular story, but shocked at the path they have chosen to take.

  • Magnets

    What is reputation?

    Families and private-client advisers deserve a better explanation of reputation. As a concept, it feels nebulous, intangible and difficult to grasp. The word 'reputation' also gives rise to misconceptions about profligate media coverage, self-aggrandisement or avoidance of public scrutiny. But reputation is, actually, something a lot deeper, more powerful and tangible.

  • Private jet on runway

    Flaunting wealth on social media has a negative impact on reputation

    Many ultra-high-net-worth families have found that social media has inadvertently become part of their lives, but with it comes a myriad of reputational dangers unique to the high-net-worth community. According to our latest UHNWI Public Barometer, 25 per cent of the public said flaunting wealth online negatively affects what they think of them.

  • Visas and permits

    With no reputation in the UK, wealthy newcomers find life tough

    The UK is an attractive destination for wealthy families and individuals – for its schools, quality of life, access to the financial market, and the robust legal system. But many find the move difficult, if not impossible, because they have little or no reputation in the marketplace.


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