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Acts of Leadership: Anne Boden, Starling Bank

In this episode of Acts of Leadership, Jordan Greenaway and Sam Patchett sit down to discuss the founder of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, and her bold decision to step down as CEO. The neobank reached an impressive milestone of three million customers in 2022. Will this decision help Starling build consumer trust, and what will the impact be on the rest of the sector?


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TP Bites: Family offices – boosting deal flow

In this podcast, Jordan Greenaway and Luke Thompson discuss a new research note published by Transmission Private on family office deal flow.

reputation enhances deal flow transmission private
Agency news

Family offices will miss out on deal flow without a CSR strategy, finds survey

Building a strong reputation as a family office or private investor will give you an edge in accessing the most competitive investment deals, finds new research from Transmission Private.

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Family offices

The decade of discretion is over

Instead of operating covertly and under the guise of anonymity, families and family offices need to proactively start sculpting their online presence if they want to distinguish themselves, enhance credibility and attract good deal flow.

Family offices coronavirus Transmission Private

TP Bites: Family offices – How coronavirus disrupted the sector

In this podcast, we put a spotlight on family office recruitment, trends in family office investment, ESG investing, the importance of succession planning, and reputation management.

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Family offices

The Lede: Family offices go direct

Direct investment is rising amongst family offices, which has increased the importance of family office reputation to access those increasingly competitive deals.

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Families passionate about ESG need to be more proactive in communicating their investments

Luke Thompson writes about why ultra-high-net-worth families need to get on the front foot to communicate their work in the ESG space.

Luke Thompson writes about impact of Covid-19 on public opinion towards wealthy families
Family offices

Coronavirus is a turning point in reputation for families

How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted public opinion towards wealthy families? In this article, originally published on Family Capital, Luke Thompson writes why Coronavirus is a turning point in reputation for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

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The Sussexes were right to launch their own website – families should follow suit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex marked 2020 by announcing their new life away from royal duties. They did so via their new website, sussexroyal.com.

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