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Acts of Leadership: Anne Boden, Starling Bank

In this episode of Acts of Leadership, Jordan Greenaway and Sam Patchett sit down to discuss the founder of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, and her bold decision to step down as CEO. The neobank reached an impressive milestone of three million customers in 2022. Will this decision help Starling build consumer trust, and what will the impact be on the rest of the sector?


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Crypto trading on a laptop
The Lede

The Lede: How could the crypto crash affect private wealth?

In July’s edition of The Lede, Adam Gale takes a look at the recent crypto crash, and how the private wealth sector could be affected. Many in the sector have become involved with crypto in the past few years, with companies such as JP Morgan offering clients access to crypto funds. Clients should tread carefully in the space and make sure they fully understand it first.

Young people sunset
The Lede

The Lede: How should we prepare for the Great Wealth Transfer?

In July’s edition of the Lede, Adam Gale discusses the great wealth transfer. As things start to change with more next-gens becoming family principals, the private client sector is going to need to adapt. Families should be encouraged to talk regularly about their values and vision, so that they can clearly see their differences and try to understand each other.

Rosalyn Breedy, Breedy Henderson
The Lede

Rosalyn Breedy: Family offices will need stronger governance

In July’s edition of The Lede, we spoke with Breedy Henderson’s Managing Director Rosalyn Breedy about the implications of the great wealth transfer, and how next-gen UK family offices can be prepared for increasing their appetite for risk in pursuit of reward.

Mark Hunter, Macfarlanes
The Lede

Mark Hunter: Fracturing families and the power of trusts

In July’s edition of The Lede, we spoke with Macfarlanes’ Partner in the private client team about the dissipation of wealth over generations, and how families can help manage tensions and reduce the risk of family fracture.

Global wealth
The Lede

The Lede: Is the face of global wealth changing?

In June’s edition of The Lede, Adam Gale discusses how the demographics of global wealth are changing, as the backgrounds of wealth creators are becoming increasingly diverse. As a result, advisors may have to invest more time in understanding private clients needs, resulting in a change in the services given.

Collaboration in work meeting
The Lede

The Lede: How can advisors collaborate better for private clients?

In June’s edition of The Lede, we looked at the art of collaboration. UHNWIs often have quite complex needs, meaning that a variety of advisors need to be involved. This can create issues if they do not work well together, and so by understanding the wider needs of the client, they can learn to collaborate more effectively.

James Broadhurst, Charles Russell Speechlys
The Lede

James Broadhurst: How family governance affects corporate financing

In the most recent edition of The Lede, we spoke with James Broadhurst from Charles Russell Speechlys for insight on the importance of being organised for exiting founders, and how inadequate family governance can get in the way.

Sarah Haile Fladgate
The Lede

Sarah Haile: The line between clients’ professional and private lives is blurring

In June’s edition of The Lede, we spoke with Fladgate’s Head of Walgate Family Office Services about the benefits and drawbacks of professional and private lives blurring, and how collaboration can deliver superior results.

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