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CO2 crisis: Reputation insulates firms from economic uncertainty

The CO2 crisis shows how under-the-radar sectors can be thrown into the spotlight overnight. It also highlights the importance of executives’ ability to withstand high levels of scrutiny during these important moments.


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Mahesh Kumar is a Partner at Withersworldwide
The Lede

Mahesh Kumar: We live in a world where there is overlap between tax planning, risk mitigation and reputation management

In August’s edition of The Lede, we interviewed Mahesh Kumar, a Partner at Withersworldwide, to discuss the trends that are influencing wealth management in Asia.

willem sels HSBC
The Lede

Willem Sels: Building resilient portfolios to address short-term risks; staying invested to tap into long-term opportunities

In August’s edition of The Lede, Willem Sels, Global Chief Investment Officer, Private Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC, writes about the short-term challenges and long-term investment opportunities facing Asian clients.

young businessman making presentation of project to senior investor
The Lede

The Lede: Family office VC

July’s edition of The Lede was themed on family offices and venture capital. In this newsletter, we looked at how giving visibility to investment activity can result in a significant reputation boost for family offices that are investing in venture.

Alan Merriman is Executive Chairman of Elkstone Partners
The Lede

Alan Merriman: Reputation allows you to attract better venture opportunities

In July’s edition of The Lede, we interviewed Alan Merriman, Executive Chairman of Elkstone Partners, to discuss the challenges and opportunities family offices face in the VC market.

Matthew Braithwaite is a Partner at Wedlake Bell
The Lede

Matthew Braithwaite: Preserving reputation will become important when co-investing

In July’s edition of The Lede, Matthew Braithwaite, a Partner at Wedlake Bell, writes about how the pandemic has pushed family offices to reassess their investment activities in their search for yield.

executive manager hand with a pen writing on notepad
The Lede

The Lede: Family office branding

In July’s edition of The Lede, we looked at how more family offices are investing in brand-building activity than ever before. Family offices that do not start now will soon find themselves missing out on deals and playing catch-up.

business meeting people shaking hands
The Lede

The Lede: Emotional tug

More entrepreneurs are considering selling their businesses than ever before — but emotional attachment remains an obstacle. Effective communication can help founders move on smoothly.

business man giving interview to journalist
The Lede

The Lede: Selling up

In June’s edition of The Lede, we discuss how business owners can manage the sale of their business and why communication is essential to overcoming potential reputation risks.

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