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Acts of Leadership: Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca

In the first episode of our new series, Managing Director Jordan Greenaway and PR Director Sam Patchett discuss AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot, and his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic. We took a closer look at the decisions he made, and reflected on whether he made the rights calls, and what impact they had on his public image.


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Ultra-high-net-worth individuals are becoming ever more global.
The Lede

The Lede: Are clients’ lives becoming ever more global?

In May’s edition of The Lede, Adam Gale looks at how the lives of ultra-high-net-worth individuals are becoming ever more global. Leading an international life can create various challenges for key issues, such as tax and inheritance. As a result, finding the right people to advise you is crucial, as it will help to find the pain points and adapt.

International families can shape their personal narratives.
The Lede

The Lede: How should international families shape their personal narratives?

In May’s issue of The Lede, Adam Gale discusses how international families should shape their personal narratives. The Sunday Times Rich List 2022 revealed that the UK’s wealthy are a pluralist bunch, and there is an entire philosophical and political debate about their tax affairs.

Director and Family Office Community Leader, Deloitte
The Lede

Christina Staples: Talent in family offices and looking beyond the network

In May’s edition of The Lede, we spoke with Deloitte’s Director and Family Office Community Leader about how family offices can find top talent in a candidate’s market, and the challenges facing family offices in recruitment.

Beatrice Puoti, Head of the Private Wealth team, Burges Salmon.
The Lede

Beatrice Puoti: The main threat to international families is poor cross-border estate planning

In May's edition of The Lede, we spoke with Burges Salmon’s Head of the Private Wealth team about whether the UK is becoming more or less attractive, the challenges faced by international families, and what families should think about when relocating.

Charity and philanthropy can pose risks to high net worth individuals.
The Lede

The Lede: Lessons from Mackenzie Scott

In April's issue of The Lede, Adam Gale explores Mackenzie Scott's extraordinary philanthropic efforts since her divorce from Jeff Bezos. Whilst her donations have undoubtedly supported a diverse array of worthy causes, Scott's timidity in disclosing where her money was going has been cause for criticism. This has highlighted the pitfalls of pursuing a philanthropic legacy.

A long lived tree is representative of legacy.
The Lede

The Lede: Defining your legacy

In the April edition of The Lede, Adam Gale explored the ways in which business leaders can generate a lasting legacy in increasingly uncertain times. Successive crises, from COVID to Ukraine, have been the cause of widespread critical introspection. As individuals focus more on the positive impact they can have on the world, it is hardly surprising that the notion of legacy has moved centre stage.

Liz Palmer, Howard Kennedy

Liz Palmer: Listen to what family members are saying, but observe what they don’t

In the April edition of The Lede, Liz Palmer, Partner at Howard Kennedy, talks about about succession, legacy and the importance of listening.

Rupert Phelps, Smith & Williamson
The Lede

Rupert Phelps: How to establish a family’s values, purpose and mission

In April’s edition of The Lede, Rupert Phelps discusses the importance of values, purpose and mission in family-owned businesses, and the impact of getting it wrong.

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