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Acts of Leadership: Anne Boden, Starling Bank

In this episode of Acts of Leadership, Jordan Greenaway and Sam Patchett sit down to discuss the founder of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, and her bold decision to step down as CEO. The neobank reached an impressive milestone of three million customers in 2022. Will this decision help Starling build consumer trust, and what will the impact be on the rest of the sector?


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Jordan Greenaway: “Credibility drives decision making”

We sat down with our Managing Director, Jordan Greenaway, to discuss the topic of our latest video – credibility. What is the best approach to a credibility strategy for your business? How does credibility differ from reputation? How can you use it to stand out from your competitors?

employees strong reputation company

The importance of reputation in attracting talent

The fight for talent has never been so fierce. Coming out of the pandemic, businesses are competing for candidates who are choosing from a pool of offers. Stick out from the crowd by leveraging your reputation credibility through effective means.

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Family businesses

The Lede: The trust gap

More than 50 percent of ‘wealth-originators’ do not trust the next generation to look after the family’s business, wealth, and investments. In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, we looked at how families can overcome intergenerational animosity when planning succession.

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Family businesses

Succession planning PR: Safeguarding your reputation during a transition event

Effective PR, communications, and media strategies are essential to a smooth succession event in a family business. While financing planning and tax strategies are almost always carefully thought through, public relations and reputation capital is often forgotten or sometimes ignored.

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Family businesses

The Lede: Succession boom

Over recent months, families have had more time to think about succession. In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, we looked at why it's essential for families to focus on the communications side of succession planning.

lucy birtwistle communication is essential for succession

Lucy Birtwistle: Succession planning demands communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in managing a successful succession event. We sat down with Lucy Birtwistle, Relationship Manager in Stonehage Fleming's Family Office team, to speak about the challenges families face when thinking about transitions wealth, and business to the next-generation.

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Peter Cafferkey: Reputation can multiply the impact of a philanthropist’s giving

Successful individuals and families are sometimes concerned about highlighting their philanthropic work and social impact for fear of their motives being questioned.

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The Lede: The value of wealth

In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, conceptually confused critics of entrepreneurs and enterprise, and how a businessperson's motivation is often not money but mission.


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