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The importance of reputation in attracting talent

The fight for talent has never been so fierce. Coming out of the pandemic, businesses are competing for candidates who are choosing from a pool of offers. Stick out from the crowd by leveraging your reputation credibility through effective means.

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Attracting talent is one of the hardest tasks employers have to face these days. With the aftermath of a stagnant period caused by COVID-19, many businesses are opening up their doors and expanding. Unfortunately, it seems they are all doing so at once, which means competition is strong and talent is few and far between.

A recent study found that one third of senior leaders cite finding talent to be their most significant managerial challenge. So, the good thing is, you’re not alone.

So, how can your business stand out from the crowd? How do you gain the upper hand, not only over competitors, but over candidates? Many would argue the most attractive feature to top talent is a company’s reputation. This is what makes candidates want to work for you, and takes the pressure off trying to enlighten them during the recruitment process.

But do keep in mind that while you can make yourself seem attractive to candidates, you cannot sit back and wait for them to come to you – roughly half of all hires are recruited or proactively sourced. There are several means to getting your name and job vacancies out there – you can make use of all of them, or focus on one in particular.

Building a reputation

The reputation of your business can depend on a number of factors – the salaries you offer, third-party appraisal, availability of development training packages, and if you provide volunteering opportunities.

The latter two are particularly attractive to candidates who are looking for opportunities to develop, grow and learn. A company that provides opportunities for personal fulfillment is a company that puts employees first, and that can only strengthen your reputation in the eyes of candidates.

This links nicely to company culture. What may seem like a rather trite aspect of business operations is actually a fundamental condition for many candidates. Options like flexible working, employee autonomy or even providing a weekly team lunch are often key factors in candidates’ final decision in accepting job offers. This isn’t just for prospective employees but for the ones already working for you – remember, without constant considerate thought into your company’s culture and values, employees could pack up and go.

Getting your name out there

How can you attract talent? Through various means, but perhaps most importantly through social media. This is especially important if you are keen to hire candidates from younger generations. Social media can be an opportune moment to testify to your reputation. Use it as a platform to reach out to potential candidates and build on your employer brand.

A crucial component of your company’s reputation is others’ familiarity with it, and this can also come from networking. Your reputation will similarly benefit from being recognised as a credible employer by a third party. Recognition and endorsement from an industry specific publication, an awards show, or accreditation in a national print or online newspaper increases awareness of your company, and in part, enhances your reputation.

Company brand and leadership

The reputation of your company’s leader is just as important as the reputation of the business. The leader will be judged by talent as a representative figurehead for what the company stands for, believes and supports. So, if you are indeed your company’s leader, ensure to leverage your personal reputation. Our own research determined that a business leader’s personal profile significantly influences whether a company is able to attract top talent or not.

Take steps to build a positive and engaging environment for your current employees that radiates a strong company image. This gives employees ample reason to brag about the company they work for, which strengthens the company’s reputation outside the means of social media, third-party recommendation, and networking.

Positive exposure for your business increases its level of credibility and reputation, making it an attractive prospect for talent. A candidate’s perception of a company is the first step in deciding if they want to work for them or not, so it is important to not get it wrong.

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