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60-second interview: Isaac Goldring – 2022 Intern

This month, we spoke to one of our incoming summer interns, Isaac Goldring, about his interest in PR, what he is looking forward to learning as part of the internship, and what stories he has been following in the newspapers.


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reputation enhances deal flow transmission private
Agency news

Family offices will miss out on deal flow without a CSR strategy, finds survey

Building a strong reputation as a family office or private investor will give you an edge in accessing the most competitive investment deals, finds new research from Transmission Private.

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High-net-worth individuals

Families must adapt to new forms of media

Families need to think ahead and foster a positive reputation for themselves or they risk being backed up against the ropes in a media crisis without the guard that a consciously curated digital profile provides.

Harmful content is now disseminated at the mere click of a button

Emily Cox: Harmful content is now disseminated at the mere click of a button

The rise of social media has exposed individuals and families to more frequent attacks on their reputation. We sat down to speak with Emily Cox, a Partner in Stewarts’ Media Disputes department, to speak about the importance of removing damaging online content.

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Digital profile

FAQ: Reputation Risk Monitoring

The world has changed dramatically, and protecting your reputation online has never been more important. In this article, we answer some of the most common questions that we're asked about our Reputation Risk Monitoring service.

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Overview: Reputation Risk Monitoring

The world has changed dramatically. Information moves quicker than ever before, exposing private clients, executives and families to unexpected risks. Reputation Risk Monitoring is Transmission Private's 360-degree monitoring solution to identify reputation risks, mitigate them, and protect your reputation.

Managing reputation risk
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Managing Reputation Risk: A start-to-finish guide

Whether you’re a private client or a large family business, managing your reputation and reputation risk will be key to your success. In this start-to-finish guide, we look at how reputation works, how to quantify reputation risk, how to control reputational crises, and how to ensure you have an effective crisis response.

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Sources: Reputation Risk Monitoring

Information is moving faster than ever. It is important to identify information risks to you, your family and your businesses before they have the potential to damage your reputation. In this article, we list the sources we monitor as part of our Reputation Risk Monitoring service.

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Digital profile

Reputation Risk Monitoring: 7 benefits to enhance and safeguard your reputation

Many families, family offices and family businesses have started to put in place solutions to manage their reputation risk. How does reputation risk monitoring help families enhance and safeguard their reputations?


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