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Why video content is important for entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives

Video content is becoming an increasingly important part of building your online profile. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives must create engaging content to get their message out there to engage and captivate key audiences. Whilst written content can only paint so much of a picture, video can establish a narrative and demonstrate your expertise.

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As we consume more video online, it’s essential that entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives put their own multimedia strategies in place. When used well, high-quality video content can help to communicate better in many ways: to connect with young and exciting talent, explain what’s innovative about their companies and new products, relate with investors, partners, and other people who can offer invaluable advice and support.

In this article, we outline the five reasons why video content is as important – if not more important – than other forms of media, when it comes to communicating as a CEO, senior executive, or entrepreneur.

1. Telling your story

Written content can only paint so much of a picture. Video, however, can show key stakeholders exactly who you are and what your business and other interests look like. It allows viewers to feel more connected to your story and understand why it’s important.

Video can help you to:

2. Putting a face to the name

Tone is notoriously difficult to nail down through written word, but video content can ensure your personality is received exactly as intended. By putting a face to the name, your audience is significantly more likely to remember you and your business, and you’re more likely to come across as authentic and relatable.

Bill Gates is an excellent example of this in action. His face is immediately associated with his business successes and his charitable foundation. By appearing on TV, podcasts, and interviews, Gates has become one of the most recognisable faces in business – making him (and his companies) household names.

Gates utilises video throughout his websites, particularly Gates Notes and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Video helps the foundation showcase the importance of its work – as well as provide an introduction to what they do. Gates Notes, Bill Gates’ diary-style personal website, also hosts videos on topics as diverse as Pickleball, Wordle, and the importance of indigenous crafts, giving the audience a full picture of his personality.

3. Broaden your horizons

The versatility of video content is one of its biggest benefits. It can be used on business websites, media publications, and increasingly on social media platforms – which is incredibly effective when posted on Twitter and LinkedIn in particular.

For business leaders, video can rocket-boost your social media strategy to improve the reach of your message. Video posts on social media get 48% more views than typical text posts, plus organically shared content adds an extra level of authority and credibility to your personal and company brand.

Platforms optimised for video sharing include:

4. Engage and captivate

Video content is more engaging than written content, with the amount of video watched online doubling since 2018. Not only are consumers spending more time watching videos, but they’re far more likely to share them with others too. Videos on social media receive a staggering 12 times as many shares as the typical post combining text and images, extending your reach even further.

Steven Bartlett, founder of Social Chain and the youngest ever Dragon on Dragons’ Den, has utilised video to hugely enhance his social profile. His video-podcast, Diary of a CEO, frequently achieves between 500,000 and a million views, and clips of it are shared widely across social media.

Videos reposted to social media have helped new audiences find Bartlett’s content and learn about his projects. This has grown public awareness significantly, particularly among young people.

5. Establishing a brand

Who are you as a leader? What gap is your business filling in the market? Why should they choose you?

Answering these questions is core to building your profile and helps set you apart from your peers.

Video content allows you to easily explain what you do, why it’s important, and the space you take up in the industry. This can be achieved through:

Case study: Ray Dalio

He has successfully used video to:

Now that having an online presence is a vital aspect of being a successful entrepreneur, CEO, or executive, it can be hard to stand out. Going a step further by using video content to its full potential can hugely improve the volume and quality of engagement you receive, and ultimately improve your success as an entrepreneur, CEO, or executive.

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