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Transmission Private recognised as industry leader in Spear’s 500 2021

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private, has today been recognised as one of the industry’s top reputation advisors in Spear’s 500’s authoritative and trusted Reputation Managers Index.


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Simon Rylatt: Wealthy families are ‘judged’ more than ever before

The holders of significant private wealth are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their moral compass, writes Simon Rylatt, a partner at Boodle Hatfield.

lucy birtwistle communication is essential for succession

Lucy Birtwistle: Succession planning demands communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in managing a successful succession event. We sat down with Lucy Birtwistle, Relationship Manager in Stonehage Fleming's Family Office team, to speak about the challenges families face when thinking about transitions wealth, and business to the next-generation.

positive reputation transmission private
High-net-worth individuals

Families must adapt to new forms of media

Families need to think ahead and foster a positive reputation for themselves or they risk being backed up against the ropes in a media crisis without the guard that a consciously curated digital profile provides.

The lede transmission private
High-net-worth individuals

The Lede: Entrepreneurs, it’s time to speak up

In the latest version of our monthly newsletter, The Lede, we called on the hidden champions of our economy, entrepreneurs, to take the podium and speak up.

Reputation specialist transmission private

Philip Paschalides: Your base says a lot about who you are – and your identity

Moving house, they say, is one of life’s most stressful experiences; moving jurisdictions even more so. In this article Philip Paschalides, Partner in the Cayman Islands at Walkers, highlights the importance of reputation when considering relocation.

Harmful content is now disseminated at the mere click of a button

Emily Cox: Harmful content is now disseminated at the mere click of a button

The rise of social media has exposed individuals and families to more frequent attacks on their reputation. We sat down to speak with Emily Cox, a Partner in Stewarts’ Media Disputes department, to speak about the importance of removing damaging online content.

flag with mind the gap written on it
Agency news

Wealthy company owners at risk of ruining their personal reputation by ignoring pay gaps, finds new national survey

Family office principals are putting their personal reputations at risk by not taking steps to narrow pay gaps in their companies, finds a new national survey.

Philanthropy by reputation management specialists transmission private

Peter Cafferkey: Reputation can multiply the impact of a philanthropist’s giving

Successful individuals and families are sometimes concerned about highlighting their philanthropic work and social impact for fear of their motives being questioned.

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