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Sam Patchett: “Our ideal client is someone who is shaking up their industry”

We sat down with our Client Director, Sam Patchett, to discuss working at Transmission Private, as well as what the future of the agency looks like. Sam tells us about the types of clients we work with, company culture, and the kinds of content the team produce day-to-day.

Sam Patchett

This month, we spoke with our Client Director, Sam Patchett, to find out more about what the team works on day-to-day, and where the agency might be in a year's time.

Sam joined Transmission Private in March this year. He is responsible for developing and delivering strategic communications campaigns for clients, and brings over eight years of cross-sector experience across public relations, media, journalism, politics, and government, both in the UK and his native New Zealand.

Who do you work with? Who is TP’s ideal client?

Sam Patchett: We work with business leaders such as entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and investors. The great thing about our industry is working with a range of leaders who are active in all sorts of different sectors – from fashion to agtech to medicinal cannabis to philanthropy. Our ideal client is someone who is shaking up their industry in new and interesting ways – it's then our job to tell this story to the wider world.

What kind of work does the agency do?

Sam Patchett: We build the profiles of our clients and help establish them as leaders in their field. We do this by getting their message into the wider world across a range of different platforms – whether it’s producing video or podcast content, securing interviews with the media, having clients speak at global events, creating new social media content, or launching an entirely new website.

Tell us a little bit about the team and company culture

Sam Patchett: Being a relatively small team has countless benefits. We can share ideas quicker, work together on projects more easily, and fit onto one large table at the pub! But more importantly, everyone is engaged with their work and enjoys each other’s company!

What types of content does the team create day-to-day?

Sam Patchett: At our core, we’re a digital-first agency. In today’s online world, leaders must get their messages across in a range of new and creative ways – be it videos, images, written content, social media, or podcasts – and we pride ourselves on having the expertise to create a range of content in-house. We could be shooting a video interview with a client one day and writing a thought leadership piece for the FT the next.

How does TP empower team members to do what they do best?

Sam Patchett: The thing that defines the team at TP is the fact that everyone is given the trust and autonomy to really own their role. They know exactly what role they play in the agency, and they can see why they’re so valued by the team and our clients. In addition, we’re putting a lot more impetus into training and upskilling to ensure we’re fully up-to-speed with the latest digital skills and best practice in the industry.

What's the mission of TP? What is it trying to achieve?

Sam Patchett: If I were to boil it down to one thing – it would be adding new and interesting ideas into the entrepreneurial landscape and wider business conversation. We firmly believe enterprise and business are a force for good, and finding innovative and better ways of doing things always starts with an idea!

Where do you see TP in a year or so’s time?

Sam Patchett: We’re on a really positive trajectory as an agency, and we’ve got an exciting plan to keep growing over the coming year. Watch this space!

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