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Transmission Private kicks off work with leading African technology entrepreneur

Transmission Private has started work with a leading African technology entrepreneur, marking an important step in the future of the agency. The scope of work will build the entrepreneur’s personal profile through digital content and media coverage.

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London, UK – Transmission Private, the leading communications agency, has today started work on a new project to build the profile of a noted African technology entrepreneur in the UK market.

The entrepreneur, who has invested in a number of Europe’s fastest-growing technology companies, is in the early stages of launching a London-based family office, which they plan to scale over the coming three years.

The scope of work includes managing all communications for the family office; giving the individual’s investment vehicle a new brand and online presence, both through a fresh website and social media accounts; announcing new deals, investments, and partnerships, as well as managing all aspects of the entrepreneurs’ own personal profile.

Transmission Private will also play a strategic role in building and communicating the entrepreneur’s philanthropic and impact investment activity.

The news comes as Transmission Private increasingly focusses their energy on proactively building the profiles of entrepreneurs, executives, and successful individuals through digital content and media coverage.

The new account signing comes fast on the number of new hires for the firm, as it seeks to scale up its in-house content production capacity across video, podcasts, and other forms of digital media.

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private, said:
 “We are very much looking forward to starting work with our new client and delivering value right away.”

“Our recent success in both signing new clients and bringing new team members into our company speaks to the power and importance of our mission: to give entrepreneurs in the UK and further afield a voice across all communications channels, whether that's video, podcasts, press, social media, or elsewhere.”

“At Transmission Private, we believe that creative entrepreneurs –⁠ and their fresh, innovative, and left-field thinking –⁠ often hold the key to solving some of the world’s most difficult, intractable, and pressing problems.”

“However, we know from experience that many of these entrepreneurs’ ideas are often lost in the public discussion. We are increasingly playing a role in ensuring that these ideas are given a proper hearing.”

Transmission Private publishes a monthly newsletter that tracks the future of reputation management for private clients.

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Transmission Private publishes a monthly newsletter that tracks the future of reputation management for private clients.