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Deal Flow Information Hub

Opportunity: Deal Flow

Building a strong deal flow pipeline offers private investors the opportunity to access the very best investment targets, whether that’s turnaround deals, venture capital, or real estate.

Deal Flow Information Hub

There is a huge opportunity for private investors to attract deal flow – but only if they have the reputations to stand apart from the crowd.

Now presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access impactful and profitable deals. We are here to help you build the reputation you need to access the very best deals.

Podcast: Family offices and private investors – Generating deal flow

In a special episode of our podcast, Jordan Greenaway and Luke Thompson discuss the importance of an investor’s reputation for attracting high-quality deal flow.

Many companies are on life support. Previously profitable businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. They now present attractive distressed opportunities to investors.

At the same time, economic shifts are reshaping industries. New companies are taking advantage of changing technology to drive innovation, presenting family offices with unique opportunities to invest in the economy’s future giants.

While the economic returns are potentially huge, the opportunity for social impact is even bigger, whether it’s saving thousands of jobs or powering the shift to clean energy.

But it’s not possible to access these deals without selected visibility and a strong reputation. We help successful individuals build the gravitas they need to access the very best deals.

The challenge: Accessing the best deals

Competition for the best deals is fierce. There are more private investors and family offices than ever before, and they’re all competing for the best deals.

Private equity firms and venture capital funds are also competing for this same deal pipeline. And they have spent decades building their visibility, credibility, and brand recognition amongst the right people.

And that’s without adding banks, corporates, and other high-net-worth individuals to the mix. In a world of low interest rates, access to good investment opportunities is tough.

While the market is flooded with bad investment opportunities, the best opportunities are in high demand. If you’re not competing for direct investment, it is should be a red flag.

If you want to access truly lucrative opportunities, you need to build a reputation that sets you apart from the crowd.

Statistics: The competition for deal flow


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