Writing an executive profile

We help entrepreneurs and founders, senior executives and high-net-worth individuals write executive profiles and professional biographies that position them effectively, showcase their career highlights, and prepare them for future personal and business success.

Preparing an executive profile that positions you effectively will be key to your business and personal success. Whether it’s showcasing your credentials within your existing role, positioning you for a new phase of your business career, or putting your best foot forward for a political or civic role, a carefully crafted professional biography will make the difference.


There is no standard approach to writing an executive bio, and the process needs to be personalised to the individual, their career and their needs. We have worked with some of the most prominent, high-profile entrepreneurs who need an executive profile to reposition them for the next phase of their career, whether that is as an investor, philanthropist or Non-Executive Director.

We also support understated, private executives who need a personal profile to advance their career ambitions as well as next-generation family members who want to craft a biography for themselves that is independent of their family name, showcasing their own skills and positioning effectively for a professional career outside of the family business.

Framing your professional profile with a personal narrative

We have the experience and expertise to find the right narrative to frame your career and successes. It is important to find a way that captures and unifies your career, highlighting your achievements in a way that showcases your unique and singular perspective on the world. This should be done in a way that is both subtle and understated. This narrative must not only be guided by your historic career but by where you want to be in the future, preparing the ground for a potential career transition, a new executive position, or a civic or philanthropic role.

Creating a master template of your executive biography

We have decades of experience creating master executive profiles that can be quickly and easily repurposed for different needs, whether that is a short version for an investor presentation, a longer version for LinkedIn or Bloomberg, or an extended biography for a corporate website. It is critical to have a biography that is carefully tailored for your specific audience; your business profile for an Non-Executive Director Nomination Committee should be different from the profile you send to a potential business partner. Preparing a master template provides you with the flexibility to quickly remodel your profile.

Giving your executive personal profile visibility online

We have the technical ability to ensure that your new executive biography is given visibility for a search of your name online. Often writing an executive profile that positions you in the right way is only half of the battle; and the other half is ensuring that when people read about you online, they find the information that puts your best foot forward and positions in the best way. We are skilled at reputation management, ensuring that you have the opportunity to control what people read about you and placing your professional profile in the right places.

How can we help?

Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, company founder, beneficiary, or executive, every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you.

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