Social Media Risk

We provide social media risk services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with private clients, and recognise that every social media risk challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

Social media exposes successful individuals to substantial reputational risk that needs to be managed and contained. A single tweet or Facebook post can spiral into a spate of damaging coverage, ruining your personal reputation and career for years into the future.

We support a large number of individuals in containing and managing their social media risk. We support clients who are exposed to continuous, potentially political motivated, attacks on social media as well as those people who may only find themselves mentioned once a year, or even less than that. We are instructed by clients who want us to take an entirely passive approach, watching social media for content that may expose them to risk, as well as clients who want us to assume aggressive means to remove existing content that is online.


Monitoring your social media risk

We have the technical skills for monitoring private client’s exposure to social media risk around the clock, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, or another platform entirely. It is essential for clients to understand what is being said about them, their associates and companies on social media, so that preventative action can be taken if any of these comments may expose the client to reputational risk. Our blend of software and human-based intelligence is able to monitor social media in near real-time, alerting clients to risks that need their attention as soon that they are realised or dealing with them outside of sight when their input is not required.

Conducting social media audits of family members

We have the expertise to conduct comprehensive social media audits for family members to identify historic content which may expose them and their families to risk. Many people started posting on social media decades ago, before they were either fully cognizant of the risk of this material being online or before they were sufficiently high profile for this content to expose them to risk. It is essential that clients and their family members know what content is online about themselves and take concerted action to remove old content if it exposes them to risk.

Training for next-generation family members

We have the know-how and experience to conduct training for next-generation members of the family on the risks that social media and their digital footprints may expose themselves and their families to. It is essential that younger members of the family fully understand how social media content can be used against them and the family, both now and in the future. We may showcase these risks to younger family members through showing them how much private information we were able to find around them, how it could be leveraged to make them appear bad, and explaining clear rules for online conduct that should be followed in the future.

How can we help?

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