Responding to media inquiries

We work with entrepreneurs, private businesses, and executives to respond to their media enquiries, providing an experienced outside press office, advising on the best responses, providing a third-party spokesperson, drafting responses and handling media stories.

Responding to media inquiries, especially if they're difficult and challenging questions, is critical to handling your personal and business reputation. Whether it's responding to a positive inquiry with the potential to generate quality coverage for the business or handling a difficult crisis issue with a personal dimension, effective PR and media liaison will be essential to your success.

Every successful individual and business needs a different solution, and every client demands a bespoke and highly personalised approach. We work with large high-profile private businesses who are exposed to significant press interest, with potentially hundreds of press inquiries across the year that need to be expertly answered. We also work with low-profile entrepreneurs, executives and other individuals who may only be approached by the press once in a lifetime, but need impeccable, accurate and faultless advice.


Responding to your media inquiries

We have the networks, experience and expertise to manage press enquiries in the best interests of successful individuals and companies, whether that is mitigating hostile questions or maximising the opportunity from a PR opportunity. It is important to understand the nature of the press enquiry, what is driving the interest, and what any resulting coverage might look like. It is also important to understand the audience of the media interest. This will give us the intelligence to assess the press enquiry in the round, draft an appropriate response if necessary, field a spokesperson, or ignore the enquiry completely. Alternatively, it may be important to contact other wings of the press to ensure your side of the story is told accurately and clearly.

Maximising the impact of a positive media enquiry

We have the experience to make the most of a positive press enquiry that can secure helpful, relevant coverage of your business or enhance your business and personal reputation. It is important to make the most of a media enquiry, ensuring that any press coverage and publicity not only showcases you and your business in the best light possible but makes a lasting difference to your business. For example, that may mean ensuring that the resulting coverage is easily findable online when people are searching you or your company online, reinforcing your credibility, enhancing your online reputation, and putting your best foot forward. It is also important to turn press enquiries into long-term supportive positive relationships with the media, where possible.

Mitigating the media risks with an expert press office

We have decades of experience handling hostile media inquiries, especially in crisis situations. We have experience of mitigating and managing stories in the best interests of our clients, as well as ensuring they stay contained within a certain section of the press or do not spill out to a wider media crisis. It is important to manage these enquiries in a professional way, as a single mistake or misstep can lead to a wave of negative press and make a difficult situation much worse, resulting in harmful coverage that sits online for the foreseeable future. It is important to answer press enquiries in a direct and factual way, whilst ensuring that your side of the story and defensive line is told clearly.

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