Media Training & Interview Preparation

We prepare entrepreneurs, senior executives and high-net-worth individuals for media interviews, ensuring they are able to communicate their key messages, handle difficult questions, and feel comfortable in front of the media.

Handling the media, especially difficult or challenging press interviews, is key to your personal and business success. Whether it's ensuring you and your business put their best foot forward, navigating difficult media questions, or raising the profile of you and your business, effective media training and interview prep is critical to your reputation.

Every interview is different, and every individual starts from a different position. We media train high-profile entrepreneurs who lead significant and well-known companies who need to navigate challenging interviews, potentially on TV or radio. We also prepare lower-profile company executives and family business owners for press engagements, such as meeting with journalists and newspaper interviews, whether local, trade or national.


Preparing your message for an interview

We have the experience to help you prepare your key messages for any press interview. It is essential when undertaking an interview that you put you and your company's best foot forward and make the most of the opportunity, whether that is projecting the right messages to your target audience or answering difficult and challenging questions in a crisis situation. You need to go into an interview with a clear understanding of the audience you are talking too, and the key message they should take away. We will ensure that you are prepared, and have the skills and ability to communicate these key messages regardless of the questions that are thrown at you. We will prepare you a comprehensive media interview briefing as well as an interview preparation checklist.

Tips for answering difficult questions in a media interview

We have the technical competency to teach you how to tackle difficult, left-field and unexpected questions in an interview, especially in a high-pressure situation such as a live television interview. Media preparation is key. Your success in an interview will usually hinge on how you tackle the most challenging questions, which could lead to giving away too much information, giving too little, or looking like you're trying to skirt difficult and complicated issues. There are tried-and-tested ways to answer challenging questions, which enable you to tackle them directly whilst communicating your key message and not exposing yourself to risk.

Studio-based preparation for a media engagement

We have decades of experience conducting dry runs of interviews with individuals in studios. It is important to become totally comfortable in front of a journalist and camera, and that is only possible with experience. Half the battle of managing a TV interview, radio interview or newspaper interview successfully is not freezing in front of a member of the press, and retaining your ability to think on your feet quickly without feeling rushed, anxious or stressed. We play the role of a journalist with our clients, filming them while they answer difficult and challenging questions for review and analysis afterwards. We always travel to where you are, whether that is London, elsewhere in the country, or elsewhere in the world.

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