Guarding your media & social media privacy

We work with entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, landed estates owners, families and family offices to guard their privacy, putting a shield between them and the media, removing intrusive material from social media, bringing on board privacy law and media law experts, and taking steps to lower their personal visibility.

It is critical to protect your privacy and family life from media and social media intrusion to lead a contented and relaxed life. Whether it’s preventing your personal life and business being broadcast over the newspapers or ensuring pictures of you and your family are not accidentally posted on social media, effective PR and media advice will be essential to safeguarding your private life.

Every successful individual and business has different needs and will be exposed to different levels of media attention and breaches to their social media privacy. We work with high-profile, prominent business figures and entrepreneurs whose every movement, from their personal relationships to the sale of their properties, are picked over with a fine toothcomb in the press. They are often exposed to invasion of privacy media issues. We also work with low-profile business families who, although they are not exposed to constant media scrutiny, want to ensure that personal information and photographs do not accidentally find themselves on social media, especially if those photographs contain information about their children or next-generation family members.


Putting a shield between you and the media

We have the networks, expertise and relationships to put a shield between you and the media. Often business and personal success comes with a certain level of unexpected media attention, potentially leading to invasion of privacy issues. This can be both uncomfortable and distressing. We step in to put a shield between the clients we support and the press, answering all press and media enquiries in a professional, well-managed way to mitigate potential stories, reduce the chances of coverage and ensuring that our client always puts their best foot forward. We provide clients with the professional, independent advice on how best to manage their personal and business press enquiries in crises to reduce the amount of coverage they are subject to, as well as how to ensure family disputes do not rise to the level of the media.

Managing your exposure to social media and online risks

We have the technical skills and expertise to ensure that social media is not inadvertently breaching your private life. It is important to know what is posted on social media and online about you and your family, not only by third parties but by family members, friends and colleagues too. When this material is put into the public domain it is immediately available for publication and wider distribution. It is important to have precautions in place, such as media, online and social media monitoring, to ensure that any material, photographs or videos that present a potential risk to your personal privacy are caught and taken down as quickly as possible.

Strategic advice on whether to appoint a media lawyer

We have decades of experience to know what course of action is best in different circumstances and the ability to guide you through the processes expertly. It some cases it is important to pursue a legal route, such as requesting an injunction or otherwise, whereas in other cases, it is best to engage with the journalist directly through conventional PR and media routes. We have the depth of networks to manage this process from you end-to-end, working alongside your existing lawyers or appointing trusted lawyers to manage any disputes. We also can advise you on whether it’s best to seek the advice of a reputation lawyer, media lawyer, privacy lawyer or another specialist.

How can we help?

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