Securing strategic media coverage & PR

We work with entrepreneurs, family businesses and private businesses to secure strategic press coverage, corporate PR, and personal PR that enhances their reputations, advances their personal business and personal interests, and intelligently raises their profile.

Strategic media coverage has the power to transform your personal reputation and that of your business. Whether it’s winning new business, positioning yourself for a career transition, or enhancing your relationships with existing stakeholders, such as employees, business partners and investors, PR and media will be critical to your success.

Every individual and business will have different needs and requirements and will need a highly bespoke and personalised approach. We work with some of the most high-profile first-generation entrepreneurs who have an existing media profiles that they want to build on. We also work with understated low-profile private businesses who want to selectively and carefully raise their profile through press coverage and positive media in the right places, without exposing their shareholders to media risk.


Finding the right news stories for strategic press coverage

We have decades of experience working with clients to identify the right stories to sell to the media, whether that is an interview with an entrepreneur or a story of rapid growth at a dynamic private business. Before engaging with the media, it is important to specify the audience you are trying to reach and the story you are trying to tell for what purpose. We work with our clients to find what stories will help advance their personal and business interests, whether that is building credibility within a certain sector, positioning a business for a potential acquisition or IPO, or building visibility amongst the financial or investment community.

Pitching stories for media coverage

We have the networks, relationship and expertise to pitch stories to the press. When you’re securing media coverage, it is important to pitch the story to the right media outlets, whether that’s the print press, television media or elsewhere. Your media pitch will be fundamental to your success. It is also critical to prepare all your material in a format that makes the journalist’s job as easy as possible, which means preparing impactful visuals, preparing a well-written, accurate, comprehensive press release, and collating any supporting material which can be offered to the press, such as interview access to individuals or press tours of offices or facilities. A story must be worthy of covering, and we understand what drives the media and how to create stories.

Putting in place a long-term press plan

We have the experience to put together and execute long-term press plans, securing strategic media stories for individuals or private businesses that build on each other over time. This is a key part of any media strategy and campaign plan. It is essential for press coverage to be planned over the long-term, programmed around the changing needs of an individual or developments within the business. This not only ensures that too much is not given to the press at once but that press coverage is quietly allowed to gather momentum, slowly establishing an individual or business as a key decisionmaker or brand within a certain sector.

How can we help?

Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, family business, or founder, every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you.

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