Announcing a company acquisition

We support entrepreneurs, family businesses, and private businesses through the communications and PR challenges of company acquisitions, whether that’s writing a press release, drafting internal communications, and talking to the local and national press.

Acquiring a business is a pivotal and exciting time for many entrepreneurs and private businesses, and communications will be critical to your M&A success. Whether it’s ensuring that the market understands the rationale for your takeover or ensuring that stakeholders, including investors, suppliers and employees, are equally excited by the growth of the business, PR and media will be fundamental to a smooth acquisition process.

The challenges facing private businesses and entrepreneurs during acquisitions are unique, and we support a broad range of clients. We have worked with some of the country’s most prominent entrepreneurs, assisting them in their communications through large multi-billion-pound acquisitions. We also work with small private start-ups who are acquiring rivals to super-charge growth within their business as well as smaller, private local family businesses who know that their acquisition may expose them to a level of local and national media interest, which they would like to manage.


Setting your narrative around the acquisition

We have the experience to help individuals and companies find the best narrative to describe the M&A activity. It is essential that you have a clear explanation for your acquisition, both in terms of how it will assist with your growth and how your expertise will build on the existing strengths of the target company. Acquisitions will undoubtedly lead to tensions running high amongst employees, suppliers and even regulators. It is essential that you have a strategic plan to explain the acquisition as a positive step to all stakeholders and communicate that clearly and precisely. This should not only be done via the media, if necessary, but also through internal communications.

Engaging with the media during M&A

We have the relationships and expertise to manage all press engagement during this busy period. It is often critical for businesses to get on the front foot and articulate your narrative before the news leaks out somewhere else. This is also often an opportunity to enhance the reputation of the business by showing its growth track. In some instances, this interest may only lie with the local and trade press, while other times, if the deal is significant enough, it may rise to the national level. The resulting coverage needs to shine the light on you and your business in the right way.

Mitigating reputational risks

While buying a business is a very exciting time, it can also come with reputational risks. We have decades of experience to manage, monitor and mitigate these risks. On one hand, is the acquisition may lead to consolidation or job losses, there is the risk of a backlash from staff, which could play out on social media and rise to the national press. On the other hand, the acquisition could prompt questions about the implications of the deal amongst regulators and politicians. It is essential throughout the process that acquirers have media monitoring in place to spot any references to them, their businesses and the target on social media and elsewhere.

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