Announcing a charitable donation or philanthropic gift

We work with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, family offices and high-net-worth individuals to announce philanthropic donations and charitable gifts in a dignified way, including writing press releases, liaising with the national and local press, and determining the visibility of the giver.

Philanthropy and giving to charity can be an exciting and uplifting experience, and ensuring this is properly communicated is essential for amplifying the impact of your gift. Whether it’s highlighting the fantastic work that the charity does, subtly ensuring your gift is on the public record for perpetuity or advocating for venture philanthropy, PR and media engagement will be critical to your success.

Philanthropic giving is highly personal, and the right approach for communicating a gift will depend on the individual and the project. Everyone will need a bespoke, highly personalised solution. We work with some of the UK’s largest family foundations and venture philanthropists, who give multi-million-pound annual gifts accompanied by significant press and media campaigns. We also support entrepreneurs who prefer a much more restrained approach, potentially giving shares and leveraging the announcement of their gift to further highlight the good work that the charity does, as well as next-generation family members who take an active role in the trusteeship of their family’s philanthropic work. We also support many family businesses giving to charity with the communications around their corporate philanthropy work.


Setting the narrative around your philanthropy

We have decades of experience crafting the appropriate narrative around philanthropic gifts, working with both the giver and the charity hand-in-hand. It is important for any coverage to showcase the good work that the charity does rather than narrowly focusing on the individual behind the gift itself. We advise around the visibility of the philanthropist, taking steps to protect their privacy throughout any press engagement as required. At the same time, the gift is often a statement of the giver's ideals, philosophy and values, and it is important that any announcement captures that motivation in an appropriate and fitting way.

Securing appropriate coverage of your philanthropy

We have the networks, relationships and skills to secure high-impact press coverage of charitable gifts, whether that is through the local, trade or national media. It is important to set a careful strategy around the announcement of a charitable gift, choosing the most appropriate audience for the announcement, whether that is the local media or national press. We manage this process end-to-end, preparing imagery, writing press releases, and managing all contact with the media. It is also important that this press engagement is carefully managed to communicate the right message and showcase the work of the giver and the charity in the right light. It is often better to secure a number of pieces of high-quality, high-impact coverage with fitting imagery, rather than spraying the announcement around the press indiscriminately.

Giving online visibility to your charitable giving

We have the technical skills to ensure that any resulting coverage is given appropriate visibility online. In particular, this means ensuring that the media coverage, or any information about the gift on a family foundation website, is easily findable for a search of the family foundation or individual philanthropist in the future, ensuring that this gift is on the public record for perpetuity and becomes a fitting and relevant part of the individual's online profile. As a philanthropic commitment to a particular cause often captures the values and motivations of an individual or family, it is important that this becomes part of an individual's online profile and public reputation.

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