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We provide personal PR services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, executives, and founders. Specialists at providing PR for individuals, we recognise that every personal PR task needs its own bespoke, personalised solution.

Personal PR by Transmission Private reputation specialists


Personal PR is critical to your personal and professional success. Whether it’s ensuring that you are seen in the right places through securing appropriate interviews in the media or speaking opportunities, or ensuring that your digital profile is up to date, representative, and accurate, personal PR will be essential to advancing your personal and commercial interests.

Every personal public relations brief is unique and will demand its own carefully considered approach. 

We have supported highly successful, visible entrepreneurs who need support to raise their profile in the right circles, whether that’s through securing an interview, attaining speaking opportunities, or managing social media channels in the right way. 

To arrange your 30-minute no-obligation strategy call, contact our Commercial Director, Jordan Greenaway, at jordan.greenaway@transmission-private.com or +44 (0) 208 0641 829.

We have also supported senior executives who want to maintain a low profile, but build strategically important relationships with other people in their sector, secure relevant Non-Executive Directorships or Board positions, or take control of how they look online.


Strategic advice for personal branding

We have decades of experience advising successful individuals on their personal branding, whether that is positioning clients as business leaders in their own sector for the first time, or helping them transition their existing profile to a new sector. 

Our key personal branding services include:

Before starting a personal PR strategy, it is essential to know how an individual wants to be branded and which audience they want to reach. In some cases this may be a very wide audience; in other cases, this will be much more focussed. 

This will determine the strategy, and whether private events, wider media, or even social media is appropriate. 

To ensure a client’s personal brand cuts though it also may be necessary to undergo competitor analysis, draft a vision statement that captures their perspective on the world, and write a compelling executive profile that captures an individual's success and career highlights.

Securing relevant opportunities through personal PR activity

We have the relationships and networks to secure relevant, high-quality media interviews, speaking opportunities, and executive appointments for all types of clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, business leaders, next-gen family members, or executives. 

It is critical to identify and secure the right opportunities; not all PR opportunities are created equal. 

The key personal PR opportunities we secure for clients include:

When securing a speaking opportunity or media interview, it is important to know that it will have a substantial long-term impact on the client's profile and enhance their reputation in the right way. 

Success should be judged by whether the opportunity helps someone brand themselves appropriately and introduces them to the right audience.

In many cases, effective personal PR and the right personal PR activity is not about securing coverage at all, but organising the right private events to meet people and extend their network, securing relevant Board positions and NEDs, allying themselves with prestigious and relevant organisations, or looking after their digital profile, so that the information about them online positions them in a way that meshes with their long-term personal and professional interests.

Public relations

How do you secure high-profile positive press? Our public relations team acts for individuals who want to establish a profile, as well as those who want their existing interest managed. Find out more →

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Managing risks to your reputation

We have the expertise to mitigate any potential threats or risks to a client’s reputation. Our key risk management services include:

Whilst not applicable to everyone, a key part of any effective personal PR campaign is not only to strategically raise a client's profile but to ensure that any downside risks, such as criticism or crisis situations, are effectively managed whilst protecting their personal reputation. 

A single piece of unfair, negative, or harmful coverage may ruin a client’s reputation for years into the future, sitting highly visible online for decades to come. 

It is important that any strategy to raise the profile of an individual is done in concert with activity to control the risk, whether that is putting in place a crisis communications plan, online reputation management strategy, or reputation risk monitoring.

To arrange your 30-minute no-obligation strategy call, contact our Commercial Director, Jordan Greenaway, at jordan.greenaway@transmission-private.com or +44 (0) 208 0641 829.

How can we help?

Whether you’re a founder, investor, or high-net-worth individual, every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Working with a specialist personal PR agency will give you the edge. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you and your family.

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