Family Office Websites

We create family office websites for many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We manage the creation of the websites for family offices from conception through to launch, including design, content creation and monitoring performance on search.

A family office website is a critical tool to secure relevant deal flow as well as manage an individual’s digital profile. It provides family offices with a controlled tool to communicate directly with important stakeholders, including companies, potential co-investors, and others, about their investment interests and commercial goals.

We build, design and launch family office websites for private individuals and families. We work with some of the largest family offices globally, with billions of assets under management (AUM), as well as smaller holding companies that may hold a family’s interests in a principal company as well as their property investments. We work with family offices with a significant existing digital and media presence, as well as those that take a low-profile approach to their communications.

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Designing your online presence

We have the technical capability to manage the design process from start to finish. Designing a family office website is a complicated challenge, engaging difficult questions about the visibility of the family, the amount of information provided about its investment strategy, and how to present that in a subtle, tasteful way without giving the impression the family office is unnecessarily seeking attention. We partner with our clients to present them with a number of different concepts and approaches to satisfy this difficult balance.

Capturing your family office brand

We have the expertise to help family offices craft a brand message that captures how they see the world and what they want to achieve, whether that is investing in start-up businesses or helping move the world towards greener forms of energy. It is important that family offices have an overarching message -- that is communicated in their online presence -- that sets them apart from other investors, especially in a hyper-competitive investment environment. This will give family offices an edge in dealmaking, put them in a good position to attract deal flow, and ensure that partners will want to work with them.

Monitoring analytics

After launch, we have the capability to provide regular analytics and reporting on the performance of the website, whether that is its visibility in search or the number of visitors coming to the website. Without this, clients do not know the scale of the outside interest and what people are searching about the family office and the family. This data provides useful insight on how people are finding out about the family office, how they are engaging with the website, and where else the family office has been referenced online.

How can we help?

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