Family Disputes

We provide family disputes services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with private clients, and recognise that every family disputes challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

Family disputes have the potential of spiralling out of control, leading to public spats that generate substantial coverage, damaging a family’s standing over the long term. It is critical that there are strong communications policies in place to resolve family disputes in a way that safeguards the family’s reputation.

We have supported families through some of the most aggressive and hostile disputes, including inheritance battles, divorces, and business control battles. We have worked with large family businesses with hundreds of shareholders dispersed across the world, as well as closely-held businesses where there is an inheritance battle between just two individuals. We work with families that are already subject to significant public and press scrutiny, as well as those that are suddenly projected into the public spotlight by a high-value dispute.


Defending your interests in the press

We have decades of experience in defending individuals’ interests in the press and online, whether that is via engaging directly with journalists or putting in place defensive strategies on social media. Before going into a high-profile family dispute, it is important that private clients put in place a considered strategic communications plans. These battles can become aggressive, with other parties briefing the media against the client’s interests. It may be necessary to get onto the front foot by making the client’s case publicly or taking early steps to prevent negative briefing. We can take an aggressive, combative approach if necessary.

Providing strategic advice during divorce proceedings

We have the expertise to support parties on their communications through extended and charged divorce proceedings. It is important for both parties to prepare communications plans in advance of a high-profile divorce if they feel that it may attract a certain level of coverage. Depending on the state of the relationship between the parties, this may be done in concert together or, more likely than not, separately with only one party leaning on our advice. It is possible that one party in the divorce may choose to leverage the media to increase or reduce the final settlement level, so it is important for parties to put in place protections against such briefings, if this risk exists.

Preparing for high-value inheritance disputes

We have the skills and relationships in place to provide communications advice to family members preparing for high-value and potentially high-profile inheritance disputes. Over recent years, inheritance disputes have attracted an increasing level of public and press interest, and aggressive and antagonistic family members may be able to leverage that interest to secure coverage that furthers their personal financial interest. It is essential that all parties to an inheritance dispute understand how the media landscape may impact the battle, put in place protections and use it to their best interest.

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