Securing Non-Executive Director roles

We work with entrepreneurs, senior executives and high-net-worth individuals to help them secure relevant Non-Executive Director appointments, identifying appropriate jobs, positioning them for success, and guiding them through the process.

Securing relevant Non-Executive Directorships can be an exciting prospect, and effective communications will be critical to your success. Whether it’s securing a single Non-Exec role as you move into the next phase of your career or securing a whole portfolio of NED appointments, PR and your digital profile will be important to smoothing the process.

Every individual is different and requires a bespoke, highly personalised approach. We support high-profile, well-known entrepreneurs looking to transition from leadership of their companies and find themselves applying for Non-Executive Director vacancies. We also support senior executives who are looking to take their first steps in the Non-Exec world and need the online profile and credentials to support that shift, as well as next-generation family members who are looking to building a professional career through Director appointments.


Identifying the right Non-Executive Director vacancies

We have the hands-on experience and networks to identify the right NED opportunities for your skillset. The success of securing relevant Non-Exec positions and Director roles depends heavily on finding the right opportunities that mesh with your personal and business experience, leveraging your career experience and professional track-record. Too often people focus all of their energy in applying for roles that they have very little chance of securing at the expense of those that they do. This also means not restricting yourself to opportunities that are publically advertised on The Sunday Times Appointments but identifying companies that could benefit from your experience, and finding a strategic route to highlight your credentials to the decision-makers within these organisations.

Preparing your CV and online profile for Director appointments

We have the technical experience to not only prepare appropriate CVs for NED candidates but ensure that their online profile further supports their credentials. When putting yourself forward for a role, the first action a Nomination Committee will take is to search your name. You need to ensure that the material and information that the Committee finds is not only positive and up-to-date but amplifies the narrative articulated on your CV. This may mean leveraging online platforms, like LinkedIn, but also the national, local and trade press to secure strategic PR that shines a light on your career highlights. We are experts are this type of online reputation management.

Guiding you through the NED application process

We can provide you with an expert, experienced hand throughout the whole of the NED application process from, from identifying the right vacancies to preparing you for an interview. It is critical to lean on the support of people who have seen the process end-to-end before and know the challenges, mistakes and pitfalls. We will provide you with strategic advice and support through the process, improving your chances of success.

How can we help?

Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual, executive, founder or next-generation family member, every situation needs a bespoke, thoughtful approach, blending our technical expertise. Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can support you.

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