Digital Reputation Risk Audit

We provide digital risk reputation audit services to many of the world’s most successful individuals, prominent families, family businesses and family offices. We are specialists at working with private clients, and recognise that every social media risk challenge and opportunity needs a bespoke, personalised solution to meets your unique needs.

There is more information online about individuals than most people expect — much of it just out of sight. This explosion of material presents new-found risks to successful families.

We conduct a comprehensive audit of all material that could provide a reputational or media risk to successful individuals and families, including family social media accounts, old online content, and historic coverage.

Understanding your risks

We have over 10 years of experience in identifying where families may be exposed to unnecessary reputational risk and in helping them understand their visibility to wider audiences online . It is essential to conduct a comprehensive review of all other public sources of information, such as national registrars of companies, land registries and data leaks to identify sources of risk to the family. Old photographs, websites, social media posts, other digital content or corporate filings can expose families to serious risk – such risks need to be closed down.

Detecting all archived information

We have the technical capability to identify all present and historic content online, including material which is stored in hidden archives. Reviewing all online mentions of you and your family is essential to identifying present or future risks. Without a comprehensive audit of all public and hidden information, clients are unable to limit the risk of a potential reputational crisis. We provide a thorough report that reviews all leaks, both on the surface and deep web, to evaluate any potential exposure.

Securing your social media profile

We have the expertise to conduct a thorough search for all past and present social media material. It is essential for successful individuals and their families to secure their digital profiles, including making sure posts and photographs are visible to a network they control. The explosion of material presents new-found risks to successful families. Old photographs, websites, social media posts and accounts can expose families to serious risk. We work with our clients to secure their existing social media profiles and, when necessary, close forgotten accounts down.

How can we help?

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