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Sam Patchett

Sam Patchett is Client Director at Transmission Private. With nearly a decade of cross-sector experience across public relations, media, journalism, politics, and government, he is responsible for developing, overseeing, and implementing strategic communications campaigns for clients.

Sam Patchett, Transmission Private


Sam Patchett heads the PR team at Transmission Private. He is responsible for developing and delivering strategic communications campaigns for clients, and brings over eight years of cross-sector experience across public relations, media, journalism, politics, and government, both in the UK and his native New Zealand.

As Client Director, Sam oversees the full PR team as well as all its competencies, including media relations, rich media production, and digital strategy. 

He is also responsible for ensuring that the Client Services team has all the skills and resources it needs to execute programmes of work successfully, and plays an active role in hiring and training within the agency. As a member of the management team, he also plays a key role in all strategic decisions facing the agency.

Areas of specialism

Career history

Having worked for Wellington-based public relations company SweeneyVesty; Edinburgh-based communications firm APS; and London-based agency Grayling, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge across many sectors, including infrastructure, construction, financial services, energy, asset management, primary industries, technology and government. 

He also worked as a political and communications advisor at New Zealand Parliament, where he provided communications support and political advice to Ministers and MPs. These roles demanded acute awareness of the political, economic, and public landscape, as well as the need to provide strategic counsel and risk assessment at all times.

At the heart of it, Sam’s true passion is storytelling. Having started his career as a journalist, getting to the bottom of the story and crafting compelling, robust, and future-proofed narratives is where he brings real value to clients. 

He also has extensive experience in a range of communications and media activities such as preparing speeches, press releases, and thought leadership pieces on behalf of clients and politicians; delivering media training and crisis simulation exercises to company executives and private clients; and developing media and communication strategies for some of the world’s largest and most recognisable companies.

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