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Research: Reshoring boosts reputation

In October 2021, we conducted a survey to better understand whether ‘reshoring’ an offshore corporate structure to the UK positively transformed an owner’s reputation, as well as whether the Pandora Papers revelations shocked the public.

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The Pandora Papers leak has prompted new questions about individuals’ use of offshore financial centres for tax and corporate planning. In response, we undertook a survey of the public to better understand whether moving offshore structures back to the UK resulted in any change to an owner’s reputation, and whether the public were shocked by the Pandora Papers revelations in the first place.

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In Q3 2021, Transmission Private conducted a survey to better understand whether moving offshore structures back to the UK resulted in any change in an individual's reputation. The survey resulted from polling a nationally representative sample of 2,000 members of the UK public.

Selected findings and recommendations

Plus, more raw data from our survey of 2,000 members of the public... and practical, hands-on suggestions on how to manage your risk and respond to potential issues. Download the full report below.

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