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Without a website, families are at risk

If business partners, employees or the public cannot find information about a family on their own websites, they will find it elsewhere. And that other source, perhaps a newspaper, may be biased or simply out-of-date.

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Family websites – whether they're about the family, their businesses, or foundations – are a critical way to take control of a family's profile. Without one, families are at risk of losing control of how they are perceived.

As more families start thinking about their digital profile, we conducted research into what an effective family website looks like, what content it must contain, and how it should be structured.

“The Internet is the first port of call for research. Families must host information online about themselves in a language they recognise. If they don't, stakeholders – whether that's the public, business partners, or others – will look for that information elsewhere. It's not a matter of whether there is information about families online – there will be. It's whether they control it, or not.”

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